Storm drenches Japan; 1 dead, 52 injured

By Mari Yamaguchi

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Usual overreaction.

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Nobody disappeared off their roofs ?

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1.6 million?

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What's with the "Usual overreaction" comments? "onagagamo", I'm not sure where you live, but just because you aren't experiencing the same weather as where these reports describe doesn't mean it isn't happening. I am witness to the fact that there is flooding, swollen rivers, blocked roads, stranded people, wiped out bridges, etc in Tokushima. One only needs to look at the weather data to understand.

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I am stuck in my house up in the hills behind the city. The only road down leading towards Shin-Kobe in blocked by landslides and fallen trees.

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It's a disaster that has never happened before to Japan, the people and emergency services are untrained in dealing whith strong winds and rain at this time of year. Please be safe.

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One meter of rain in an hour is a bunch of water that can cause serious damage.

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Cricky must be smoking banana peels again, TYPHOONS hit JAPAN and this part of ASIA like clock work every year! But just because they do happen every year, even the best emergency services in the world can NOT stop MOTHER NATURE!! Just like in the USA, etc..where typhoons are called HURRICANES also happen every year and not matter how high technology, but MOTHER NATURE can be very, very dangerous, and this typhoon Number 11(called How long outside of Japan??) seems to be going out to the Sea of Japan and away from Tokyo, so that makes me happy!!

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Still early in the typhoon season.

About authorities here not coping or being unprepared, well, so many alerts at all hours on mobile phones, sirens and PAs here in Kochi City, lots of Fire, police and emergency trucks driving round, a canceled first day of Yosokoi Matsuri, complete isolation of the city by road, rail, air and, well, no ferries here anymore anyway.

Just one person in Gifu dead (plus the surfer off Wakayama!!!).

We hear about typhoons like this in the Philippines and Louisiana a decade or so ago, with thousands dead, and all the rest of the damage and loss, one reason being little or no emergency infrastructure or preparedness in those places.

Here they have done quite OK, for the second time this month and for about the fourth time this year for Kochi.

Much prefer to be here in Kochi than in Metro Tokyo, in typhoon or earthquake.

Good luck!

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"It's a disaster that has never happened before to Japan, the people and emergency services are untrained in dealing whith strong winds and rain at this time of year. "

Perhaps Cricky was born yesterday or has not paid any attention to news or history at all.

On the other hand, as for all those who have the urge with every typhoon to say it's no big deal, just a bit of rain, etc., well please don't come whining when it's your home or orchards that's been flooded, your car that's been washed away, your wife or kids that's been buried in a mudslide. Just be quiet and deal with it yourself cause you know, it's no big deal.

Sorry, but about the only thing that is almost more tiresome than the repeated disasters is the attitude of some people who seem to have neither empathy nor the ability to actually look at the real situation.

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Where did it rain one meter in an hour? Not this planet.

8pm Kanagawa: Heavy wind. Really comes in blasts.

Stay off your roofs.

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-21 ;-) stay safe

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Well here I go.this American have heard what you folks are going thought it seem to me if you guys in other part. of the planet are not hit by water we are here. in the states. I have something to ask of you I wish that we can do something with that water because right now California.needs real bad.

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The reason typhoon can be dangerous is because they are such a regular phenomenon in Japan. People stop feeling "danger!" In their situation if their town floods almost every year, so they go ahead and wade/drive through a flooded area, and get swept away. And then landslides cause a lot of damage because there is no warning and no time to escape.

People associate danger with something scary-looking, but dangerous situations often aren't obvious until too late.

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Nine dead, 2 missing, more than 80 injured as of Monday morning.

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