1 killed, 5 injured after taxi hits pedestrians in Tokyo


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The news said that the driver most probably suffered a stroke.

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Wasn’t watching the news but wifey says the driver suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage, so it looks like he isn’t going to walk away from it either.

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The 73-year-old taxi driver was not driving a taxi because he loves driving; rather, he has to work until he drops because the retirement pension is not enough to live on. He should have been at home with his wife, drinking a cup of tea...

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Allowing old people like this to still drive around is a higher rist the Corona !

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When a young person causes a fatal accident, never ever do I read they were too young/too inexperienced, they should be at home ...

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Maybe true but that is just an assumption. Maybe his wife drives him crazy so he enjoyed driving a taxi. Another assumption but just as possible as yours.

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