1 in 18 babies born through in-vitro fertilization in Japan


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Wow. 5% born through IVF - a staggeringly high number.

Yeteven so, only about 1 in 10 IVF courses are successful.

Ifthey were all successful, the birth rate works be a lot higher but nearly a third of births would be IVF.

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I suppose this is the inevitable conclusion to women being thrown on the employment scrapheap once they have kids. They end up putting childbirth off as long as possible, risking their and their partner's fertility in the process. The bill, here for IVF, is picked up by the government.

The solution is a combination of worker-friendly policies that allow people to work 9-5 and only 9-5 and the introduction of sensible parenting that does not drag parents out of work for vacuous tasks at schools, kids clubs and neighbourhood associations. In short, a work-life balance.

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Wow! That's really taking all the fun out of making babies.

 447,790 in-vitro fertilizations were conducted in the reporting year, resulting in 54,110 births,

I found this on the web:

European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, recently estimated a total of 5 million IVF babies worldwide. 

between one and two percent of all births in the United States now occur as a result of IVF.

It would seem Japan's 'record number of IVF births' is still behind the rest of the world.

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Lack in sex and minimal gender interactions make all clinical to have babies.

What % among women who gave birth by IVF really would have needed it when younger?

It is like my sister in law who had to use IVF while she could not conceive just because she was doing sports at too high level in my opinion (she got calmer just before IVF and was successful first time, no durprise after all).

Government shall pay to get a balanced and healthy life from the start, not use IVF for which all life consequences are not yet known and where eugenics could be a reason to go trhough that process.

Check movie "Gattaca" to open mind.

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I think it’s higher.

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