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1-year-old boy dies after being hit by car driven by father


A one-year-old boy died after being hit by a car driven by his father in Takanabe, Miyazaki Prefecture, police said.

According to police, the incident occurred at around 9:30 a.m. Monday. Aoi Ishikawa was hit by the car on the road in front of his home. The infant hit his head on the pavement and was rushed to a hospital in Miyazaki City, where he died about two hours later.

Police said Aoi’s father told them he started the car’s engine in the driveway and started moving out without noticing where his son was.

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Where was the mother and why was a one year old left unattended? This is hardly the fathers fault

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The father drives the car that kills his baby and it’s not his fault? And also, perhaps the mother was at work, out shopping, in the hospital, like, it’s none of your business. Why not simply state that it’s a horrible tragic thing that just happened instead of looking for a scapegoat?

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And once again...

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How does this happen? I have a one and a half year old, and if I'm going to drive my car with him, he's put in the car before I do anything. If he's not going for a ride with me, he wouldn't be outside near the car. It's so preventable. I can't imagine what the parents are going through. RIP little one.

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I feel very sorry or the family, especially the boys father.

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Very sad, thoughts and prayers

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Don't move your car unless you know exactly where your children are!

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I feel very sorry for the family, especially the boys father.

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That's one reason there's backup cameras on vehicles here in America. Hope the little guy is okay.

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the frequency in which I see this type of incident written about is extremely disturbing and puzzling

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That's one reason there's backup cameras on vehicles here in America.

I have often said that sensor technology is a way to reduce this kind of accident.

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Note that it is also bad luck. Hitting the head right on the pavement is a killing shock. You may fall by other means but if so, you can easily die.

Although normally at 1 year old, head is very souple so a bit surprised.

Poor dad and he punished himself, whether you consider he's guilty or not.


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Tragic. It was an accident. Accidents happen. With children, you blink and they're off somewhere out of your sight.

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That's one reason there's backup cameras on vehicles here in America.

Do you mean the backup cameras that were first deployed on Japanese vehicles by Toyota, years before making it to US vehicles? Those backup cameras?

Hope the little guy is okay.

Do you mean other than being dead, as it clearly states in the article's headline?

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Tragic, but we don't have enough information to make any assumptions or pass judgement. To counter all the negative ones proclaiming the fathers guilt, it easy to offer other explanations.

Its Obon, father is on Obon break most likely, maybe running an errand, perhaps he thought Aoi was still inside where he last saw him before leaving the house, maybe mum was in the house doing chores, perhaps this was the day Aoi realized he was tall enough to open the front door ( 1 year old could be 12 months crawling or 23 months - fully running everywhere) perhaps Aoi wanted to see where dad went. So many factors we just know,it is impossible to pass judgement. Does it absolve him? No, but more info would give us more insight and background into just how careless or how unlucky the incident was

Regardless it's tragedy that his father will have to live with.

This is an issue not just in Japan, but worldwide. The USA has 2400 incidents a year with 100 deaths. New Zealand with a much smaller populations , its about 5 deaths a year.

All we can do is be vigilant: "Check for me before you turn the key" As one safety slogan says.

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