10 die in water-related accidents across Japan over long weekend


Ten people died and one person was seriously injured in water-related accidents across Japan over the long weekend.

Among the fatalities was a 46-year-old man who was swept away by strong currents after attempting to rescue his fifth-grade son, who had fallen into a river in Kochi City, Fuji TV reported.

Elsewhere, in Toba, Mie Prefecture, a 76-year-old man, who was fishing on his recreational boat, fell into the sea and drowned, the coast guard said. In Motosu, Gifu Prefecture, a 73-year-old man, who was fishing for "ayu" (sweetfish) with his friends at a river, lost his footing and was swept away. He was pulled from the water a short time later but was pronounced dead at hospital.

In Ino, Kochi Prefecture, a 20-year-old male university student, who was playing in the river with friends, suddenly went missing. About three hours later, his body was found. He was confirmed dead at the scene.

Meanwhile, in Kozagawa, Wakayama Prefecture, an elementary school girl was playing alone in a river when she got into difficulties. She was pulled from the river and taken to hospital where she remains unconscious, police said.

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Every year....

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Umi no Hi casualties RIP.

Yama no Hi will doubtless see fatalities at altitude. Pre-emptive RIP?

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i got swept down a river in wakayama a few years back the current pined me under a fork in the river and i thought i was a goner. The current spat we out but it was close. Im a strong swimmer and a good height but did not have a chance. Moral of the story is dont mess about in water and obviously learn to swim. Oh and when i thought i was a goner it was actually relaxing not scary at all.

Stay safe people.

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Really sad for all of them, but especially so for the 46 year old dad trying to save his son. The article doesn't mention whether or not the son made it..anyone know?

Kobe, that's quite a story.. glad to see you're ok.

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Like the mochi deaths at New Years, these preventable deaths are entirely predictable. Why must so many people learn the hard way?

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i got swept down a river in wakayama

A similar story here in Yamanashi. The clock stopped when I was swept into the mouth of a culvert. My hand was above water, but the current was too strong. I wondered at the time if the exit from the pipe was barred, but somehow knew it wasn't my time, and let go.

Don't mess with rivers.

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One of my students just talked about the 20-year old student in Kochi.

A bit sad and a bit close to home.

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My canoe got caught under a tree and was bent in half. It was really hard to get it out. It was a rental. And it was winter time. We were very wet and very cold.

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alone in a river when she got into difficulties

Nearly all of these are down to bad parents!

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Most (if not all) of these were preventable...sad to hear it.

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very very sad indeed!

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Nearly all of these are down to bad parents!

Of the four cases take up in the article, three involve people who were legally adults. Putting parental responsibility on what a 76-year old guy does is a bit of stretch.

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I was body boarding with friends on a trip to Hawaii when I was 15. They just gave us life jackets and the board. We were kids with no experience. That was it.

I caught a wave and got pulled under by a rip tide or something. I hit up against some rocks. I couldn't move and the life jacket didn't help much. I just clung on to the rocks and used all my strength to pull myself out back to the beach. That was the first time I thought I might die. The second time I thought I might die was 3/11/11

I've never been in an ocean again. I'll take a lake or a pool any day.

I've let my 5yo son play in the ocean but only under close supervision and only if there are life guards.

I would never let my children play in a river.

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