127 ANA domestic flights canceled due to systems glitch


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Hackers my guess. Japan has no IT security.

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That's really scary.

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Why is it scary? It was merely the check-in and reservation systems, not actual airplane systems. Scary no, mendoukusai yes.

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This is why you not only have backup, but a back-up plan. If it's that easy to cause chaos in a nation far too dependent on rigidity, Japan is an easy target for hackers and terrorists, etc. I'm not suggesting that's what this was, but it IS proof that a whole lot more needs to be done in preparation for certain computer system problems. I can just imagine that a whole lot of business travelers got in trouble at their companies, as well, despite it not being their fault.

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@smithinjapan You're being sensible. Are you trying to get down voted?

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That's really scary.

not really. It has been happening from time to time, ofcourse not usually reported by JT.

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Not scary but frustrating. One of the drawbacks on depending on technology, when things fail they really do.

There's a baggage handling system failure going on at Helsinki airport last few days where they are asking people to travel with only hand baggage!!!!

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iPad again? Still, I enjoy ANA flights more than other airlines.

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They got hacked. They just don't want to admit it because getting hacked looks MUCH worse than a "malfunction." Travelers would be asking, "can the plane be hacked, too?"

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That's some glitch.

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Happens all the time in the US. Especially American Airlines.

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