100-year-old man in wheelchair dies after being hit by motorbike


A 100-year-old man riding a motorized wheelchair died after he was hit by a motorbike in Bungotakada, Oita prefecture, police said Monday.

According to police, the accident occurred at around 11:30 a.m. Sunday on a two-lane road. NTV quoted police as saying that Akira Adachi was crossing the road when he was hit from the side and sent flying. He was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead about two hours later.

Police said visibility was good at the time and are questioning the 45-year-old bike rider, who is from Fukuoka Prefecture, over the circumstances leading up to the accident.

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It sure would be nice to have follow up to see how this case turns out. I seriously doubt we well get it.

My prediction is that the bike rider is screwed no matter what happened or who is really at fault, which I cannot at all tell from the information given. Could be either one. But Japan does not do that. They put some blame on everybody automatically, its just a question of how much. If the wheelchair darted out at top speed from between two parked cars and no crosswalk in sight, they will act as if the bike rider should have hit the spring loaded "jump" button using his ninja reflexes. The Japanese authorities always have their eyes on tomorrow's diligence of the population through fear of reprisal, and never do they have their eyes on today's justice for the individual.

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How sad :( Live to be a 100 only to be killed in an accident.

(Not that this matters but he must've been super genki to be riding in an electric wheelchair at 100! But that makes this even more sad :( )

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Very sad to hear... get a century worth of life and still be able to go outside. Too bad this man died a violent death instead of peacefully of old(er) age.

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And the motorcyclist?? How's he doing?

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I am more worried about the motorcyclist than the 100 year old man.

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NTV quoted police as saying that Akira Adachi was crossing the road when he was hit from the side and sent flying.

Was he using a crosswalk and if so was there a crossing light? It just says "...he was crossing the road..." Visibility was good but how vague is that! Maybe good by a policeman doing the investigation?

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Judging from the other thread where the elderly woman was blamed for being hit by a motorbike from behind, I think we can all agree that the wheelchair user is at fault here.

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RIP, poor 100-year-old fella. At least he made it to the Century - which may be of some comfort to his devastated family. But to die in these awful circumstances is just tragic.

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Very tragic.

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