1,000 train enthusiasts bid farewell to 300 series shinkansen


About 1,000 train enthusiasts gathered on the platform at Tokyo Station at 10:47 on Friday morning to see off the last 300 series shinkansen service for Shin-Osaka.

The 300 series, which debuted in 1992 under the Nozomi name, were considered revolutionary when they were introduced. Their top speed was 270 kilometers per hour, meaning they could cover the distance bewtween Tokyo and Shin-Osaka in 150 minutes.

JR Tokai said the 300 series trains will be retired and replaced with more energy-efficient models for the Tokaido and Sanyo lines.

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If you were a train enthusiast, you would understand. Obviously you are not. But I think you find it in car enthusiasts, plane enthusiasts, even ship enthusiasts as well. I get the same feeling about old steam trains and street cars of a certain age, and I remember well the last day street cars ran in Los Angeles, California.

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Enjoy riding the rails here in Japan. Been on the shinkansen many times in in different stages from Kagoshima to Aomori. so must have been on the 300 somewhere along the way. Never really check what's pulling me along. Anyway, the shinkansen sure is a comfortable ride. Also been on many of those one-car slow-moving trains that ply through the countryside. A great experience each time. Japan is the perfect place for train-loving buffs.

Both my father and mother worked on the railroad, so railroading is in my blood.

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Must have been a tough choice for nerds between this and the ipad launch :)

Some hand held gadget developed by foreigners and built by the Chinese can wait.

A piece of Japanese technological marvel that was devised during the height of Japanese economic power? priceless

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I wonder if I will be among the sad farewellers when the 700 eventually goes out of service. Probably.

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I would rather they keep this train in service between Hakata and Hiroshima. Some of the current trains used for that journey are so old and outdated it's unbelievable! Recently been traveling on the new 700 series and the new Kyushu shinkansen…sheer luxury!!

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It was not long ago that the Niigata shinkansen was still using the 0 series. It had a wonderful retro look.

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Riding the trains are the best way to relax and view Japan's countryside.

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I'm not too interested in the 300kei, but I love the old 100kei...

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It wasn't so much in the news as the 300s being retired, but JRWest also retired the much-older 100s on 3.16.

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Wonders if they are going to be sold?

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been on a ride between Nagoya and Yokohama. was a nice feeling shooting through Japan cities, countryside. don't know which model though. But I love train although am not qualified as train enthusiast. hoping to get on Trans Siberia one day. I can understand why some would weep. It's like cars. some like the fast, sleek ones, other would preferred the old retro ones

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Must have been a tough choice for nerds between this and the ipad launch :)

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Goodbye asset bubble shinkansen!

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Saw this on the news last night...some guy (enthusiast) was sobbing about the train. I don't get it!

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