109 Fukui officials received money in Kansai Electric gift scandal


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The committee had been looking into whether the late mayor of Takahama, Eiji Moriyama, exercised influence over the central Japan prefecture's public work projects, after he was found to have given massive gifts to executives of the utility.

"Whether?" You have to be kidding me? "Whether he exercised influence?"

How naive are the people on this committee? Maybe it's them who need to have their finances and background checked!

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Endemic through out Japan.

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gift scandal

No, it's corruption and bribery.

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I'm pretty sure that this part of their corporate culture. Just because you are now becoming aware of the second incident. I am sure there are far more skeletons if you keep digging.

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A very minimal amount of gratification, however keep digging for the evidence, & then prosecute them!

No to bribery!

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The Japanese media continuing to refer to corruption and bribery as a "gift scandal" is just showing that they are the accomplice of a mafia system which has been ruling this country for ever.

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The sewer is deep on this one.

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