11 deaths reported nationwide from snow-related accidents


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More snow's coming tomorrow.

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some had too much snow, while here it's just snow then melts. I hope the snow will be evenly distributed so no one gets too much snow and accident. Life is so unfair,

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Re: the snow-laden photo of Obihiro. I lived in Obihiro 1976-1979 before living in Sapporo for the next 23 years. In Sapporo between November and April, it snows approximately every other day a little bit, with an occasional blizzard. However, although it is not unusual for Obihiro to get snowfall beginning in October, Obihiro can go without any snowfall at all for two to three weeks but then there is some silent overnight dumping and you wake up to a deluge of the fluffy white stuff that is almost chest high. It doesn't melt for months because of the consistent intense cold. In fact, it is so cold throughout the winter that the snow never becomes melty enough to make a snowball, let alone a snow man. Coincidentally, this past Monday, in a trip that required four flights and 32 hours, my wife flew from the US east coast to Obihiro to be with her father. She arrived at Haneda airport just as the snowstorm hit and cancelled her scheduled flight to Obihiro.

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Hokaido sounds pretty harsh.

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With the exception of the odd 'dusting' (snow fall under 5cm) I still find it odd when I see images of Japanese cities with piles of snow next to cars in the downtown areas. Since February 1995 I just haven't seen too much of the north beyond Narita after October and before May and since most Japanese cities, buildings, curbing, railings, fences, overpasses, etc. pretty much look the same from Okinawa to Hokkaido it just looks surreal unless you've actually been in the thick of it.

Even living in the valleys just north of Kyoto for a couple of years and seeing light dustings of snow, I still think of Japan as being a hot and humid place and rarely cold although being first into the shower at 6am when it's -5c outside and 1c in the shower room will sometimes make you think otherwise. Sadly, I feel the cold far less then the never ending heat and humidity in Japan.

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