12 climbers die in Japan during Golden Week holidays


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I can't imagine recovering the bodies that fell 400 metres.

Mountains are beautiful, but dangerous..

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I do believe that there is a charge for the rescue / retrieval service. And that most climbers use insurance. Would like verification of the insurance though. Any climbers here who can speak to that/

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Insurance is available in Japan and responsible climbers do use it. What percentage of all climbers that would be, I have no idea.

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69 years old? I admire the courage but c'mon! Just stay home and take a load off,...shouldn't be trying to climb "difficult peaks"

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very sad, better reconsider and do not go for Mountain Holiday.

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Let me amend that. I'd like to know how much rescues like this cause the average taxpayer before insisting on charging the victims' families.

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So how come that soldier was climbing Fuji "out of season"? I've been told it isn't allowed. I'm planning to climb Fuji at least 3 times this year. Did it twice last year. But each time during the "open" season. Would rather do it when it's less busy with crazy old folk who slow everyone down.

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Sad and yet predictable.

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They don't charge them for it? Either put in place a system like you suggest or don't rescue them, but anything beyond that is unreasonable.

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When is Japan going to put an end to this? Every holiday is seems that "climbers" are killed. I'd suggest making them take out a special insurance or charging them or families for any rescue services they need.

RIP folks but it's silly that this happens time and time again.

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They certainly do not get the bill for the full amount. Rescues cost thousands of dollars - and in some cases, millions. Responsible climbers have insurance but let's be honest, how many are really responsible and have it? Weekend warriors never think they will be the one who is next.

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