13-year-old boy jumps to death from school building


A 13-year-old boy jumped to his death from atop his school building in Nagoya on Thursday afternoon.

Just past 5:30 p.m., the city fire department received a call that a student from the municipal middle school had been injured after jumping off the roof of his school building, Fuji TV reported Friday.

Police said the boy was rushed to hospital, and was pronounced dead two hours later.

Students who had witnessed the event were quoted by police as saying the boy had been feeling repressed recently.

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Too sad! Too young! RIP!

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Another one?

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"feeling repressed"?

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Synonyms for repress verb: keep back, hold in crush inhibit muffle quash quell restrain squelch stifle subdue subjugate suppress bottle chasten check collect compose control cool ...

I agree^^^^^ ??

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If these kids would just look ahead a week or a month, they might live to see the best days of their lives.

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I hate stories like this. But if we want to stop kids doing this we have to do something about adult suicide first. Sadly, there are too many examples for young people to follow.

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Police said the boy was rushed to hospital, and was pronounced dead two hours later.

Two hours? I know that it must be a doctor who pronounces death but two hours seems a long time. I wonder how long it took to get him to a hospital.

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I imagined that "repressed" was a typo for "depressed", which seems a more likely motive for suicide.

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@Harry Gatto.. Not only does it take a Doctor to pronounce a death but the person pronounced dead, has to have taken his last breath and actually be dead and even then, the emergency staff will try for awhile to resuscitate the victim so two hours is not out of line.

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Too sad. What a waste.

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Just a hunch here for I believe that he, sadly, was being bullied.

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Very sad,and I am afraid this young boy most likely was bullied and driven to suicide. RIP

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They bully and shut out anyone or anything different than them. if you do something different than them, they get envious. i think that is why they have this bully culture. they want every culture to conform to their culture. i can understand the feeling and sorrow of a lot of these people who were murdered by these savages. of course some people have problems and are, well, maybe a bit weird or off the wall strange in a way. but that doesn't give anyone any right to push someone to kill themselves. Very sad and disturbing how these people create such an atmosphere and culture of heartless sheep. they are robot breeders.

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Very sad, indeed. But, honestly, he made his decision. RIP , young man

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Why is this happening so often in Japan ??? It's really heartbreaking to much life ahead at the age of 13.

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Whats new!!!

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Bullying is not the only reason for suicide. There're infinite reasons.

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Bullying is not the only reason for suicide. There're infinite reasons.

Not for a 13 year old

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"feeling depressed?"

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Another issue of undiagnosed mental illness. The lack of school counsellings, attentive and sensitive teachers and of course the parents attention to the child plays a big role.

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His family must be crushed.

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If only I could save the life . it's like losing a child for me. What a pity!!!!

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