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14 more crew have virus on cruise ship docked in Nagasaki


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Dont let anyone disembark unless they are only going straight to an isolation or quarantine ward, no one gets to just walk off and catch a train home this time hopefully.

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send Dr Iwaya to the rescue

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Will Abe once again beg WHO to reclassify this boat as 'international conveyance'?

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Officials said they hoped to test all crew members by the end of the week with "some 200 to 300" tests likely to be conducted on Thursday.

The rest of the world will test the whole crew in one day. This is a joke.

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Tom Doley.....excellent replies.

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"It’s possible that’s a moot point. Are any of the crew residents of Japan?"

One crew member is a resident of Japan. He (or she) is employed as a simultaneous translator. And, no doubt wants to disembark the ship!

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Overall, Japan has seen a relatively small outbreak compared to parts of Europe or the United States, with nearly 12,000 infections and around 290 deaths recorded so far.

Any country in the world will see a relatively small outbreak if the test numbers are small as Japan's. One doesn't need to be a rocket scientist to figure that out.

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Considering the ship arrived in January and they only discovered infections this week, it's pretty safe to assume the crew have been coming and going from the ship for some time. Perhaps the initial infection was even picked up on land and then spread throughout the ship.

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Welcome to Japan. Might as well set sail to the original port of embarkation.

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Focusing on gaijin on cruise ship docked for months while on stage 3 pandemy global mode.

Corona virus has been among us in Japan for weeks, even among Japanese (sarcastic tone).

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If that ship has been there since January - the crew have probably gone to Tokyo even for a day or somewhere to bring back the virus to the ship OR brought it to Tokyo?

i always presume that anyone could be infected since many are asymptomatic who may be spreading the virus. Yokohama should be in lockdown.???

There should be new vent systems in every ship

Test the people in Yokohama so they don it spread it. Find out the restaurants and places they have been.

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I work in the hospitality industry in Japan. I should rephrase to say, “I worked”.....We are closed for the unforeseeable future. Why can’t cruise ships stop completely too? I know that some have stopped. ALL need to stop. If the ships must come ashore, NOBODY should be allowed off of the ship. This is a deadly pandemic. Sail at your own risk. If somebody aboard falls ill, you are stuck! I stay at home except for once a week grocery shopping where I am covered head to toe! I have a mortgage, many bills, no job, no unemployment insurance, and I live alone. I’m terrified, but I don’t risk my health nor anybody else! Millions of us are in the same situation, so I hope mortgage companies will tack our mortgage payments onto the backend of the mortgage, while we are unemployed. We all must look out for ourselves and each other. It’s boring staying at home, so learn a new anything. Today, I studied common core math. I think it’s corny, but it used my head and kept me entertained. Stay healthy! Stay safe! Stay home!!!!

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