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14 new coronavirus infections reported in Tokyo


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Infectious disease experts have been calling on the public to remain alert for a second wave of infections even after restrictions are lifted.

Second wave? It would seem the first wave is still going strong.

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The most important thing now is to take all precaution as you can.

I understand those who are concerned about it and think that staying home is the safety thing, but everyone should understand that regardless of staying or not staying home the risk will occur anyways.

Since we can not ignore this risk and we can not ignore the fact that we still have bill to pay and food to buy, we should more than before take care of ourselves.

It is a hard thing to do, but if we wait until the country have 0 cases, it will take too long time.

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Very low cases. That is nice to hear.

Keep up your personal prevention like washing hands, wear masks, use hand sterilizer and try to keep social distance where it is possible, and everything will be fine.

In my home country there are many demonstrations and Riots going on because of the Corona Restrictions.

People there refuse to wear mask, and fighting with police and so on...

The governement over there also start to re-open the country even many clusters appears daily and new cases are over 400 every day.

But they learned now that all this lockdowns had no positive influence to contain the virus.

Number one important thing to contain the Virus is everybodys behavior according personal hygiene.

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Countries like South Korea and China that faced fast-growing outbreaks early in the pandemic quickly ramped up testing. China performed more than three times as many tests in Wuhan in a single day than those Japan has conducted nationwide since Feb. 18 — about 455,000 tests on around 278,000 people.

Look at that number, it tells an awful lot about keeping numbers down!

They caution that Japan is not in the clear yet, and that a second or third wave of infections could strike at any time. As more data on deaths from this year becomes available — there are indications that Tokyo has undercounted dozens of coronavirus deaths — the picture may not look quite as good.


Some say Japan may have a large hidden population of asymptomatic cases. Shigeru Omi, the deputy head of the government’s expert panel on the coronavirus, told lawmakers that the real number of infections could be as much as 10 or 20 times as high as currently believed. Japan has reported fewer than 17,000 cases, versus more than 1.7 million in the United States.

So, in reality, it is very possible that in fact there are 140 to 280 "new" cases in Tokyo alone! But since there is no contact tracing, nor ability to know where these people got infected, it's a total unknown!


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Its a very low amount. And Tokyo is a huge city.

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Abe didn’t screw up with the masks. It was an ingenious idea right from the start. Since there is no cure for this disease yet, and laughter is the next best medicine, masks made people laugh. People would laugh when putting them on because when you tried to cover the nose, the bottom lip would become exposed, and when you tried to cover the mouth, the nostrils would then become exposed. Further, families would have a fit of laughter because they played games to decide which two members wore them and on what days. And Abe didn’t leave out the international community either because people couldn’t stop laughing when Abe showcased to the world what it looks like when you incorrectly wear baby masks. Well done Abe!

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If I had the Abe masks then I would be in fits of hilarity, but no delivery yet.

It is depressing ...

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14 infections X 14 isolation days in a hotel in a city of 14 million

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But they learned now that all this lockdowns had no positive influence to contain the virus.

That is because those idiots in your homeland refused to do the right things. In Australia and many other countries like New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong etc the various levels of lockdowns have successfully contained the spread of the virus as the majority of people in those countries listen to their governments and do the right things.

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Although many persons have frustration against the success of Japan, it is about time to accept the reality. I thing that we do not need to worry about the novel virus so much.

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Although many persons have frustration against the success of Japan, it is about time to accept the reality. I thing that we do not need to worry about the novel virus so much.

Japan has successfully contained the virus. It is true due to lack of testing how widespread the virus is in Japan may never be found. Precaution measures are still needed but things can gradually go back to normal. I look forward to the day I can set food in Japan again.

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"...But they learned now that all this lockdowns had no positive influence to contain the virus..."



"...But nearly two months on, Beijing’s approach appears vindicated. China has reported its first day with no domestic transmissions of the disease; all newly identified cases had been imported from abroad, health authorities say..."

(Source: - https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/19/chinas-coronavirus-lockdown-strategy-brutal-but-effective#maincontent )


"...The 21-day lockdown announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi last month has been by and large effective in containing coronavirus, especially in states that have been able to implement it properly. Data from various states show that in most, the transmission of the highly infectious virus - which has infected more than 9,000 people across the country -- has been arrested..."

(Source: - https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/coronavirus-lockdown-effective-in-most-states-kerala-tops-list-2211115 )


"...A new international study based on census and real-world mobility flow show that social distancing and the complete isolation of the population amid the coronavirus disease outbreak are strategies that need to be kept in place otherwise there is a high possibility of a second outbreak if these measures are not maintained over a prolonged period. The researchers found that social distancing is a measure that is working and should continue. Currently, there are mitigation strategies in place across the globe, with most focusing on social distancing to curb the spread of the virus..."

(Source: - https://www.news-medical.net/news/20200329/How-effective-is-social-distancing-in-fighting-COVID-19.aspx )


"...Italy reported a fall in the number of new coronavirus cases for the fourth successive day, and another drop in the number of deaths, suggesting that its lockdown might be working and that there will be an end to the country’s nightmare.

In the 24 hours until 6pm on Wednesday there were 3,491 confirmed cases and another 683 deaths, compared with 3,612 cases and 743 deaths the day before. The World Health Organisation said on Tuesday that Italy’s coronavirus epidemic might peak this week..."

(Source: - https://inews.co.uk/news/coronavirus-in-italy-lockdown-effective-cases-fall-covid-19-outbreak-2518448 )

However, it is believed that other methods, such as those employed by South Korea (which didn't enact a nationwide lockdown) are perhaps more effective. Simply "washing one's hands and being clean", though, isn't going to work.

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Hell we got the money before the masks! Now we can go and buy them if we need them!

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It’s something like ironic, because the 2nd phase was set following the decline in the number of cases are the single digit.

But the relaxation of any many restriction business is vital in any case.

And Tokyo government has a control of the tendency on the recent case that about half a number of the cases might have occurred in young generation which is 20s and 30s especially relevant to night clubs.

So I wish most business are able to take a fully open under the control.

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It should be interesting to see what the new infections will look like on 15 June, after 2 weeks of reopening.

Anyone think there will be a significant uptick from todays count?

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Wonderful. Now can I have my two free AbeMasks, and paper form for 100,000yen?

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You Japanese and S Koreans sure an interesting lot.

In this story I'm reading that you have 14 measly infections in Tokyo. On another story in the 'World' section of JT about South Korea they mention an equal amount of virus infections in Seoul! You guys are both trying to prove that you're proud of your infection numbers or what?!

Are your two countries bragging about who has the most infections?

What a childish and silly argument! In South Korea you have almost China like draconian and intrusive policies enacted by the rabid Moon Jae-in. In your neighbors across the Sea of Japan, you have the clueless Abe Sinzo.

The only country that I truly respect in tackling this SARS-CoV-2 in Asia is: Taiwan.

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