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14-year-old boy falls to death from 6th floor of apartment building in Saitama


A junior high school boy died Wednesday after falling from the 6th floor of the apartment building in which he lived in Niza, Saitama Prefecture.

According to a Fuji TV report, the building supervisor spotted the boy's body on the ground outside the apartment building at about 2 p.m. He called emergency services and the boy was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead at 5 p.m.

Police said the boy apparently left his key at school and was trying to get into the apartment by climbing along the ledge to the balcony of his apartment.

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Oh no! This is tragic and sad!

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" was trying to get into the apartment by climbing along the ledge to the balcony of his apartment."

This type of accident happens more than you think.

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RIP, He should have just gone back to school and picked up his keys.

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My next doors doy, same age, wanted to do the same. I live on the 11th floor so as commonsense I said NO, and closed my door. The next day his mother looked stressed and asked that if it happened again in future that it was OK for him to do it as he can take care of himself!!!!!!!!

You can see where these kids get it from!

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Simon: It's usually the young and foolish or someone who's had too much to drink that does something like this.

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the building supervisor spotted the boy’s body on the ground outside the apartment building at about 2 p.m

Why, pray tell, did the boy not ask the building supervisor to let himm in the apartment????

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Why, pray tell, did the boy not ask the building supervisor to let himm in the apartment????

This is Japan! People don't talk to people. They only talk to their pets.

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Disillu, so true!! :)

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Whenever I read about tragic stories like this, I drum it into my kids's heads that that is exactly what you DON'T do. One of my friends was shocked a few years ago, when I pointed to a squashed, headless bird lying in the middle of a main road and explained that was exactly why mummy was always going on and on about road safety and why they had to hold my hand near traffic. It's worked so far....there by the grace of God go I.

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Is common sense ever taught.

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Isn't there a manager he could ask to open the door for him? I agree that he should have gone back to school to get his keys, but we're talking about a kid here, and talking in retrospect knowing that he died -- kids do stupid things. RIP, young man. I'm just relieved to hear it wasn't another suicide or kid playing on the balcony who fell off. My sympathies to the family.

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@simon phillips: words fail me! And of course, if he HAD come through your place, climbed over and fallen it would have been your fault!

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I should add: dont most 14 year olds have cell phones - could he not have called his Mum/Dad/older sibling and asked to come get their key to get in? Like I had to when I (accidentally I swear it!) flushed my keys down the toilet? Now THERE was a fun day! :( !

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while I have had my share of climbing into the window of a second floor house (and roof) I would not dream of doing that on a 5th floor apartment especially after it just rained.

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You warn your kids about going off with strangers ,crossing roads and all of the other dangers that we as parents forsee,its the accidents that we fail to visualise that could result in a tragedy. Incidentaly. my grandson when he was younger was caught playing onthe roof of a high rise when he had told my daughter he was visiting friends.The Caretaker brought him to safety and told my daughter about his escapade. For this my daughter was extremely greatfull and a repeat episode was forever averted

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yes Christina O'Neill is right but about the boy maybe he was builled because it happends a lot in school well it happends a lot in my little sis school god if i new witch school he went to i well sort them all out

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Doubt the kid was bullied.

As for a few comments.

1.) Most Apartments/Mansions here have only part-time care-takers that sort the rubbish, clean the floors and given the modern security locks doubt that many people will hand over keys(x2 in most places now) that cost in the thousands of yen. Said that I once broke into my own ap on the 5th floor, was dead easy and an eye-opener as to how open we were for burglary, etc.

2.) Yes, many kids do own phones but are NOT allowed to take them to school, etc.

3.) Found rather little bullying going on here, most was not even targeted at Hafu or fully foreign kids. All the hafu/foreign kids I know that got bullied were done in just as much as the japanese kids and for the same reasons. And you would think muslim kids that bring their own lunches, etc would be easy targets here.

My guess is he was late to meet his buddies and felt he was ok doing so.

As for common sense, don't seem to exist anywhere worldwide considering the "funny" videos I see on the telly, youtube, etc in short people that should know better doing stupid and dangerous stuff.

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Forgot to add he was found at around 2pm.

Now THAT is way early for a school-kid to be home on an average day, as most are 5-6 classes(hence let out at 14:30 or 15:30) and that includes primary school.

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On Wednesday all the kids returned home before 2pm where I live.

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