15 feared dead, 9 missing after massive flooding in southwestern Japan


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There was an article on here about how devestating a natural disaster combined with a Pandemic will be.

Here we are.

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That’s why it’s called the rainy season.

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Poor Kyushu always gets the worst of it..,

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Triple wammy: earthquakes, floods, and virus

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Sure don't want a house near a river. Or under a hill. Every year things are grim for these people.

16 ( +17 / -1 )

@Mirai Hayashi

Triple wammy: earthquakes, floods, and virus

...and don't forget, typhoon season is just around the corner. :(

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Poor Kyushu always gets the worst of it..,

Tohoku-- Hold my happoshu

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The upper reaches of the 川内 Sendai River (SW Kyushu) are reported to be seriously swollen. No-one is talking about the Sendai NPP on the delta downstream. I hope their cooling water intakes can be kept clear of debris, assuming they take their water from the river.

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Two people rescued from a mudslide in Tsunagi showed no vital signs

If they're dead, they weren't rescued. They were pulled or recovered from a mudslide. Rest in peace, people.

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The picture is very scary. Hope those missing are found live and well. RIP to the poor souls.

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Every year, right this end of rain weather season, the system fronts fire up and affect torrential rainfall to especially western Japan that could trigger floods and landslides

If rainy weather season ended, next concern will be for typhoons

I’m so sorry for all people suffering from the deadly flood today

Beside, we need adapt a new normal

It's going to be tough to brace for evaluation like a sufficient space and ventilation.

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And it was all just caused by torrential rains, no typhon involved.

Just imagine how its going to be if a typhon comes together with those rains in a few weeks or days.

I love living in Japan, and thank goodness I live in a safe place, but I really feel sad for those who cant afford to live far from those places that can easily be devastated by the force of nature.

We can only pray and hope that this in summer things will be better.

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Sad, hope they find the missing ones.

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Rest in peace poor souls :(

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Stay safe prepare , typhoon season approaching soon, damn it , last year wasnt good this year will be worse.

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Why does J government allow building houses next to rivers that flood? Doesn't it care about the people?

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I am very very sorry for all these regions.

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In 2003 Miyakaki ken got almost 9 metres of rain in the rainy season, which is a record. By comparison, Manchester in England (a notoriously wet place) gets 86cm over the whole year. When it rains in Japan, it really rains.

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Sorry to hear.

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Sorry to hear about this. Best wishes.

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The exact same thing happened in 2018 or 2019 when a care home near a riverbank was flooded and more than 10 people drowned. In a country with increasingly heavy seasonal rains, has nobody learned about flooding risks?

Care homes on flood plains should have the business license withdrawn. And no new housing should ever be built on a flood plain in future—levees cannot cope with massive water level rises as climate change makes deluges MUCH more common.

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