15-year-old boy jumps to death from bridge onto Tomei Expressway


A 15-year-old boy apparently committed suicide by jumping from a bridge onto the Tomei Expressway in Ayase City, Kanagawa Prefecture, on Tuesday night.

According to police, the boy’s body was found on the expressway just before 8 p.m. He was confirmed dead at the scene, Fuji TV reported.

A motorist called police to report that a person or mannequin was lying on the expressway.

Police said the boy phoned his father before the incident and said, “Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. It’s become painful for me to go on living.”

There is a two-meter high guardrail on the bridge which the boy climbed over, police said.

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Oh dear, that poor boy, and his poor family. How terrible that he thought it was all too hard.

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I can't even begin to imagine what his poor father felt during that call and after.

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Teenager Emotions combined with School pressures of that age group are especially a bad combination. This is a Tragedy for all, and a concern to all Parents of Kids at that age group. Back in the UK if there's a news story about such an event, it's always followed by a Samaritans Help-line number. Perhaps, JT could do the same, and provide the TELL and it's Japanese equivalent Phone numbers ?

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Too sad.


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I remember being 15 (even younger actually) and thinking that if family or school life ever became too much and I couldn't stand it I'd just get up and split.

Hitchhike and bum around and go on a cross-country or world adventure. I wish more kids here in Japan would think the same way.

Being young and alive is the greatest thing in the world. Kids need to change their mindset.

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That is shockingly tragic and I can't imagine the thoughts that there going through the boy's head in his last days. I guess this is what they were warning everyone of with the back to school period

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It's very sad, but not so surprising if you remember the JT article that schools were in alert for students committing suicide just after the beginning of the fall semester.

It's so terrible that this boy was so distraught and felt so alone that he d coded that death was the only escape.

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I can't even begin to imagine what his poor father felt during that call and after.

I'm feeling devastated just thinking about this. So, so sad.

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Being young and alive is the greatest thing in the world. Kids need to change their mindset.

Unfortunately; depression is an illness and it can be very hard just to up sticks and hitch-hike to happiness.

That's if it's down to depression, of course. He could have been bullied and so on.

Heartbreaking, no matter what the cause.

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Japanese people of all ages need to have a well publicized 'help' line, to which they can phone and talk about their worries, problems, etc.

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FYI - TELL Japan is available here:

It looks like they also offer a Japanese Service.

The number for English 03-4550-1146. and for Japanese 03-4550-1447

Perhaps, Schools in Japan should show these numbers upon their School Noticeboards ?

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My heart goes out to the family of this boy and his soul. My son is just a year older and I don't even want to imagine for a second, what that boy was going through and the helplessness his poor father must have been feeling at that moment he got the call. RIP young fella.

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Hormones, school pressure, jilted love sometimes too much for some.

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ive slowly become numb after all the news reports involving the deaths of juveniles since being in Japan. The tolerating of bullying I see at work everyday has a kind of normalcy in the work place and it's only been 6 years and my last here in Japan.

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i ran away from home when i was 15, because of school bullying. but after 2 days i came back to a loving family.

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Poor mannequin. Oh wait, was it a human?

One of the worst comments ever on jt. We are talking about a kid in severe mental anguish ffs.

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This feeling of withdrawal is widespread enough that I personally know a student that refused to attend school due to pressure put on him.

Also, at this time teachers here also have a high degree of stress and anxiety due to any absent students.

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