15-year-old girl jumps to death from Yokohama school building


Police said Wednesday that a 15-year-old girl jumped to her death from the 5th floor of a school building in Yokohama.

According to police, the incident occurred at about 2 p.m. on Tuesday at Tamagawa Gakuen, TBS reported. A teacher witnessed the girl climb over the railing and jump. The girl was taken to hospital where she was pronounced dead.

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So sad....bullying?

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Aren't they afraid of death, especially at that age! ?

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So sad...feel for the family!

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Oh my God. That is so tragic.

Wonder if she left a suicide note in her shoes......

Suicide will continue to be a problem in this country until Japan pull its head out of its a$%, wakes up and breaks the stigma of letting people talk about their emotional problems. I know that sometimes suicide can't be stopped and that there are many reasons why people do it but I can't help but feel angry towards society for not offering people more hope or at least a possible way out of their depression. Americans are sometimes made fun of for going to see their shrink/psychologist too often but that is at least healthier than not having that option readily available.

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Depression is an awful thing and Japan isn't prepared to deal with it. Of course being a teen is tough in a lot of industrialized countries - lots of pressure. Regrets to her family.

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We know nothing why she did this. No interest in gossiping. Poor girl.

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No doubt the teacher in this case will be punished. His / her response to this situation will be scrutinized and if possible blame will be assigned to that teacher. There will be lawsuits to follow as the school has a lot of money they can pay out plus the insurance companies.

This is a good story to follow up on.

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That is a very nice private school, if I'm not mistaken. Very nice grounds, lush greenery everywhere.

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Too bad she was neglected when she was living.

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So sad, what leads an innocent child to do this? pressure from society? parents? school? peers? R.I.P.

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combinibento you are right. And also a VERY high level high class school. Bullying? Pressure? Tragic loss of a young life

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That is a very nice private school

I've worked in a few 'very nice private schools' and the pressure on the kids is unrelenting. I wouldn't be so quick to assume bullying. I'd be more inclined to put it down to six days a week of 12 hour school days and copious amounts of homework and pressure from the school conform.

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First week back, very sad. Talk to your kids people.

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Depressing to read this

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Let me guess... the teachers and Principal (whom it will be revealed later were called several times by parents to report bullying) will at first say they never noticed any problems and never got any complaints.

Sounds like straight up suicide over bullying, but you never know -- could just be teen angst over unrequieted love, or just a horrible inability to adapt to the transition to high-school (should be the case at 15 or so). In any case, I wish there had been help available to the girl and she be made known of it, as this is such a tragic waste of life. Had she gotten help and lived even a couple more years I have no doubt she would have realized how silly the thoughts of suicide were and how precious life can be.

That said, society in general, and clearly schools in particular, need to talk MORE about such dangers and do more to prevent suicides. What happened to all the government talks on forming panels to eye laws on creating legislation that might later come into effect to reduce the number of suicides? Despite the disgusting invasion of AKB48 on this nation I'm not seeing much promotion of the Goal Keepers -- err... Gate Keepers that was all the talk a few weeks ago.

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sad, sounds like bullying again.

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Could it be big fish little pond syndrome? I know a guy who was number one at his Junior High School but when he got to High School is grades were terrible in comparison to his new top notch classmates. He could not handle the pressure/competition. He ended up in the hospital with mental problems and dropped out of school. Going from best to worst can take its toll. I have no idea if this is the case but it is another scenario.

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Why is everyone assuming bullying? Could be plenty of factors. And sorry, but PARENTS raise kids to bully, not teachers. Indeed, teachers can try and step in and help out but at the end of the day, they are limited in what they can do.

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Disillusioned you are right too - these schools are valued only on their results. Good results = everyone wants to enter = fees up = more money. And its the kids who have to jump to the beat and perform to ensure this happens.

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And right at the beginning of the school year. Very sad.

Nicky, not sure if "...jump to the beat..." is the best expression in this case.

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This is truly a very sad story. Whatever the reasons my heart goes out to her parents and family. My ex gf's son is entering the last year of junior high this year and I just hope he doesn't have any probs.

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Another problem of depression.

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Change the cultural attitudes to suicide, and that starts with adults.

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Why is everyone assuming bullying?

Beats me. People kill themselves for a variety of reasons.

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Messed up to say the least. This should never have happened. I really wonder what was going through her mind when she made the decision. Sad...

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She was 15, still a child... what could make a child want to kill herself? Boyfriend dumping her? Peer pressure (ie bullying: "we hate you so die!")... who knows? But she was very young... people seem to be forgetting that.

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