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16 Japanese universities team up to accept students from war-hit Ukraine


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Fun fact, in Germany, education is free for everyone, regardless of nationality, except in some private universities.

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Very surprising initiative even if on a small scale (for the specific case uf Ukraine) but as mentioned this may inspire other people to make similar efforts. For displaced students this opportunity can become a tiny silver lining in the middle of their tragedy. The participation of the Japanese-language schools seems specially useful.

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See just as I expected, Don't point out they only did this for a white European country.

We saw nothing like this for Yemen, Syria, etc...

And here they enforce the silence!

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How many hopeful Japanese applicants are turned away, for lack of funds, or test scores just below "A"...

If these universities are feeling particularly generous, and this isn't just yet another virtue signal, charity starts at home.

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We saw nothing like this for Yemen, Syria, etc...

What are you talking about? Japan pledged a few years ago to take in 150 Syrian students, twice the number as in this program.


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I was against this “special Ukrainian privilege” until I read that they also support Afghan and Syrian students.

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It's nice they'll be able to get a degree which has zero value outside Japan!

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Some Japanese just want to be part of something,knowing they are not really helping the situation

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Bravo. I was expecting the number to be two or three. Blimey, this is more than the number of refugees they accept annually!

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Yamaguchi University has one of the largest English based study programs in the country - surprised it's not on the list!

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Don't like the war but this could be a boon to Japan.

Ukrainian knows of great Soviet technology.

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Good for them! (I hope that doesn't mean the rest of the universities were opposed to accepting students from Ukraine...)

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