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16-year-old boy missing in Hokkaido since last December


Hokkaido prefectural police on Thursday release an image of a 16-year-old boy who has been missing from his home in Rumoi since December.

Police said Shota Iida has been missing since he left his high school after practice at the soft tennis club at around 11 a.m. on Dec 7. TV Asahi quoted police as saying he was seen about 30 minutes later walking in the opposite direction to his house.

After Iida's family reported him missing, police said they conducted a thorough search of inns, hotels, train stations and examined surveillance camera footage, as well as interviewing the boy's friends. Officials at Iida's school and his classmates said they were not aware of any bullying against him or any other trouble at school.

After determining that Iida was most likely not a runaway, police appealed to the public for help this week.

Anyone with any information about Iida is asked to call police at 0164-42-0110.

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It took them over 2 months to determine that he wasn't a runaway?

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I hope he will be found alive just like the other 3 girls that we heard about recently.

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Isnt it terrible that, if a girl goes missing, its all over the news in days. With boys it takes months.

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Wait, so if he is a runaway, they don't do anything?

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Was his disappearance made public earlier? Or just now? I agree with BuBuBu's comment. Why did it take the police 2 months to determine he isn't a runaway? if that was my child I would be furious that more wasn't done til now. At least in the way of publicity. I hope they young man is safe.

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