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16,000 police mobilized to protect Obama


The National Police Agency will mobilize 16,000 police officers to ensure tight security during U.S. President Barack Obama's visit to Japan from April 23 to April 25.

Tokyo Metropolitan Police will also install an extra 10,000 surveillance cameras at key points around the city, such as train and subway stations.

Police have also warned of traffic delays between Haneda Airport, where Obama will arrive, and central areas of Tokyo.

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Nothing like warning potential terrorists of a high-value target way ahead of time. Bet he'll actually arrive at a different location.

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This is crazy for a 2 1/2 day stop by one leader. I mean, let's be real.

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Used to land at Yokota Air Base. I saw Air Force 2 there when VP Quayle visited way back

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Just ridiculous....

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Probably not neccessary but should be enough to show Japan is trying their best at ensuring the US leader will have a safe visit.

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I'd say its overboard.

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I think 16,000 is about the right number to keep an eye on the SS fellas that keep getting in trouble.

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Send a bill to OFA, his PAC.

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I think 16,000 is about the right number to keep an eye on the SS fellas that keep getting in trouble.


The Secret Service appears to have a serious drinking problem.

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Yes because there's no greater risk of an attack on Obama than Japan, a country with strict immigration policies and barely any violent crime

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I wonder if those 10,000 "extra" surveillance cameras being installed for this occasion will be taken down after he leaves, or is this just another excuse to add more cameras to the network permanently?

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Such security is overreactive and oppressive.

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I live in Los Angeles and when OBama and the gang comes to LA its a nightmare. Traffic is crazy and if I were you guys in Tokyo if you dont have to go out when he is there my advice is dont because you WILL be angry. Im sure the secret service has already scouted out Obamas planned routes they get there weeks before he does and plan the safe routes. I cant wait to hear what people in Tokyo is going to say. I do know one thing they will sure be glad when he leaves because traffic and life WILL be miserable until then enjoy your peace because the next few days will be hell getting around Tokyo.

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Yes and abroad it's even more intense. In Japanese the advance group is called a senkentai. They send out the SS and plan the routes and protocol and deploy their own huge numbers of people and vehicles, etc., but the US Embassy deals with that part. Japan then doubles or triples that security for redundancy and wider reach.

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Great line, Mr. Galt ! LOL

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These days he lands at Haneda but he refuels his plane at Yokota air base and usually parks there. The police have already been seeming like 10,000 extra on all the roads near the base and walking and standing every 300 feet around the base! In 27 years I've seen this kind of traffic caused by the pres or vp coming and is like to say lets use Skype instead! Cheaper, safer, more convenient for me.... It's funny on base they are treating his coming here like a big secret but on Rt 16 I saw the signs posted long before giving the times of his visit and to expect traffic delays! Lol I think it's all overkill! Tax payers money wasted....

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16,000 police mobilized to protect Obama

This sounds just like a tradition of the Shinzo Abe's family.

When President Eisenhower planned to visit Japan in 1960, Shinzo Abe's grandfather, Nobusuke Kishi (class A war criminal who became PM of Japan with the help of the CIA) mobilized 18,000 Yakuza too for the protection of the president against demonstrators (leftists and students) who were protesting against the signing of the 1960 security treaty which made Japan a protectorate of the US in effect.

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Can't wait to see the pictures of Obama lining up to give his fingerprints and photo! Ha ha ha!

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16,000 is nothing! Japan police literally has nothing much else to do. They have a lot more police officers for a lot less crimes per capita. They can afford to use 190,000 officers in one case or 4,000 officers to hunt a rape suspect.



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This sort of ludicrous overkill just makes the government look ridiculous.

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This sort of ludicrous overkill just makes the government look ridiculous.

Not as ridiculous as they'd look if something happened to Obama while he was here.

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Epic waste of taxpayers money. But that is what politicians of all stripes do best.

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@kaimy: Obama reception in USA? Several years ago, when he was coming to Las Vegas, Nobody – not even democrats were going to airport. So only Las Vegas mayor went to see him because her husband former mayor asked her. He did not go. Only one when Obama was coming down from plane. On the local news, democrats said why he was coming when he said nobody should go Vegas. Just Federal bouncers only.

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M'urkian military bases: Shhhhhhh don't tell anyone someone is coming In town, off bases: Signs read "Obama is coming. Expect delays in traffic". Funny stuff!

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