17-year-old boy drowns in Tochigi river


A 17-year-old boy drowned Sunday after he jumped into a river in Shioya, Tochigi Prefecture.

According to police, the accident occurred at around 1 p.m. TV Asahi reported that the boy, identified as Kazunari Tashiro, jumped into the river from atop a three meter-high rocky ledge. Three friends who were with him told police he never resurfaced after hitting the water.

Rescue workers were called and found Tashiro downstream, police said. The boy was taken to hospital but was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.

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I wonder. He could have grown into a doctor who saves my life, a musician that writes my favorite song.

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Sounds like hearth failure or thermal shock. A three meter jump in reasonably calm river should not kill anyone.

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He could have hit his head on a rock, but with no background information such as "they always jumped from there and it was considered safe" , or "it was the first time anyone had tried the place", it's very difficult for me to comment, except to say "There but for the grace of God, go I."

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Could happen to any of us as young kids should off in front of friends testing our limits. Rest in Peace young man

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Always check your jump spot, and compensate for changing water levels.

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More information on whether he jumped or dove might answer some questions.

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Atypical JT article something to post to keep the readers on edge guessing but if you write the wrong thing they censor it.

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