17-year-old boy found hanging in classroom in Gifu


A 17-year-old student apparently committed suicide by hanging himself in a classroom at a private high school in Gifu City on Tuesday.

Police said the body of the boy, who lived in Ogaki City, was found inside the classroom, with cord from a curtain wrapped tightly around his neck at around 5:40 p.m. He was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

According to police and school officials, after classes were finished for the day, the student had been called into the classroom by his male homeroom teacher over a disciplinary matter. The teacher then left the classroom to contact the boy's parents. 

Another teacher found the boy hanging inside the room and immediately called 119.

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Why...why...why??? Educators are given the task to support learner's mind making constructive conclusions in life not discipline to perish.

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Because of the rigidity of the school system,the long hours spent in memorizing,the highly competition and pressure that many parente put on these young students,and of course in some cases you have the bullies.

Mix all these factors and you get an unhealthy and unstable boy or girl willing to escape from life.

I’m soo very sorry for this boy,but unless the local society and institutions start to realize that all the pressure is only worsening the mind of students it will not be the last case of suicide in school.

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How terribly sad. Poor boy.

12 ( +13 / -1 )

after classes were finished for the day, the student had been called into the classroom by his male homeroom teacher over a disciplinary matter

Poor boy, school was failed to identify that this is more than temporary disciplinary matter

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We never really know what goes on in a person's mind even if everything looks perfectly fine on the outside.

If you are having psychological problems or know somebody who does please seek help and turn to a professionel.

Being confronted with a psychological illness is absolutely nothing to be ashamed about and it is really sad this still remains largely taboo in Japanese society.

I feel sorry for the tragic loss of a young life and my condolences to his family and friends.

6 ( +10 / -4 )

First week of school after the summer break. So, let's ponder what he was chastised for. Not finishing the 100's of hours of homework assigned for his "Uhum!" vacation? Not attending every club activity during his "Uhum!" vacation? Or, perhaps, he was sleepy in class after staying up until 3am to finish the 8 hours of homework he gets every day. The life of a Japanese teenager is horrid, especially those who attend private high schools. In fact, come to think of it, they don't have a life at all! I've taught in 25 different public and private high schools around Tokyo and Chiba in the near two decades I've been here. I have a lot of empathy for the kids who have to toil through military style schooling. It should be no surprise Japan still has the highest youth suicide rate in the world.

8 ( +11 / -3 )

Poor boy.

7 ( +7 / -0 )

...over a disciplinary matter.

of course this has to do with alot more than just disciplinary matters.

Japanese students seem to carry the world on their shoulders and there,s tons of reasons for that. Japan, let your kids be kids.

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Come on guys. Just from reading this article you hardly know what the details are. Quit condemning the school system or teacher until you have the facts.

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This is so sad, We often see this kind of news on Social media but nothing follows. When is the Japanese Government/ Ministry of Education going to REALLY ACT on this!? I think before the Government worry about the pension system in the future (which I see on the news almost every night for how many days now) This Issue should be addressed properly First. Worried about the Declining Population but what are they doing to save the Youth, the Little kids from abusive parents. The Future generation!

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Come on guys. Just from reading this article you hardly know what the details are. Quit condemning the school system or teacher until you have the facts.

A voice of reason.

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While we don't know the reason behind the suicide, I just want to say that we have, as humanity, to take mental issues seriously. I'm not saying the poor boy had mental issues. But just as we take a physical illness very seriously, we also have to take mental illnesses seriously. A personal computer can function without a mouse or a keyboard, or a problematic fan or graphics card, it can't, however, function without its main processor. We have to stop treating mental illnesses as an afterthought or a "it's all in your head" situation. Because they aren't.

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Young people these days seem to be committing suicide without a moment's thought. And this goes for any young person around the world where suicide rates are climbing. A sign of our society.

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Sounds as if the teacher who called 119 didn't cut the boy down and waited for emergency services to do so. I could be wrong as it doesn't say but it wouldn't surprise me if that is what happened. Such is the Japanese mindset.

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that sound really sad

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Does the teacher who “left the room”, have an alibi?

RIP, child...

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Not so kawai, ! Life is not a bed of roses,

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RIP boy. I'll be praying for you.

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I'm guessing this made the news because of the graphic circumstances. Other sad cases occur regularly. Teenage suicide seems to be a rising problem in many countries. (There are about two cases a month in the UK. A slightly higher number in Japan.)

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Very little in the way of detail so we can only guess at what transpired. We know that the boy was in that room at the behest of a male home room teacher for unspecified disciplinary reasons and the boy is now dead under extremely opaque circumstances. Regardless of whether he had ‘mental issues’ which predisposed him to suicide, by taking it upon himself to administer disciplinary measures, the teacher’s responsibility for whatever transpired became manifest. Most likely, this teacher has employed his tried and true method of extreme bullying which until now had always worked, except this time a student lies dead.

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