17-year-old girl killed after car crashes into wall in Ibaraki


A 17-year-old girl was killed after the car she was riding in crashed into a concrete wall in Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture, on Sunday morning.

The 26-year-old male driver of the car and an 18-year-old girl sustained serious injuries, police said.

According to police, the accident occurred at around 1:30 a.m. on National Route No. 6, Fuji TV reported. Police said the vehicle hit the curb and crashed into a concrete wall. It was raining at the time, police said.

The three were thrown out of the vehicle by the impact, police said, adding that the car was destroyed by impact.

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Is it possible that those two were saved by not wearing seatbelts?

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What sort of car was it? Was it one of those highly dangerous K-cars or was it a pocket rocket Evo or WRX? Obviously he was going too fast for the conditions regardless of what kind of car it was. My question is, was he hooning or texting?

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Is it possible that those two were saved by not wearing seatbelts?

No, they were saved by dumb luck. Because the other person thrown from the car died.

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Makes me want to question why 17 and 18 year old girls are riding with a 26 year old man at 1:30 in the morning.

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I think Trapped is right. If the car was destroyed being belted in wouldn't help. It happened to my father. He had an accident where the steering wheel went through the driver's seat. Fortunately he wasn't wearing his seat belt. But having said all this, I always insist everyone is belted in anytime I'm in the car, driving or not.

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So now all 18 year old's should have their licenses revoked because they are too immature to handle the responsibility of driving a car, plus Japan has such a wonderful and reliable public transportation system that no one needs to be driving a car in the first place. Go figure huh? It ain't just the "old" folks who crash huh.

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Agree with Mirai ... (again)

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"What sort of car was it?"

It was a Nissan Caravan, also known as Nissan Homy. It was an older model, equipped with aftermarket aluminum wheels, low profile (racing) tires and heavily-tinted glass.

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It was a Nissan Caravan, also known as Nissan Homy.

If you know any of the Okinawan dialect you might get this....the guy was probably getting some homy, hence the reason for the crash.

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Dude was probably getting some homy and that caused the crash.

Moderator: If you post this garbage again, you will be leaving us.

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