17-year-old student jumps to death in front of train


A 17-year-old boy apparently jumped to his death in front of a train in Yaita, Tochigi Prefecture, police said Sunday.

According to police, the incident occurred on Saturday afternoon about 100 meters from JR Yaita Station. Fuji TV quoted JR officials as saying the driver of a cargo train saw a boy suddenly jump from the left onto the tracks. He said he applied the emergency brake but couldn’t stop in time.

Police believe the boy may have committed suicide and are questioning his family and school to try and determine if he was being bullied or was in any trouble.

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College entrance exam test day. Not looking good. RIP

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Do schools even discuss suicide with students that are high school age? It is such a problem in Japan and there are no other civic organizations that I know of that could handle this kind of widespread and sensitive matter.

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RIP young man. Life is hard and to end it so early is tragic.

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Please do more to offer safety net for young people. Japan can't afford to loose even one more precious young life!!

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These matters are not discussed in schools here. Why not? Certainly, part of the reason is the cost of employing a school counselor. Principals here would rather address the latest baseball scores rather than the causes of suicide. Although,Japan is a country with vast accumulated wealth, not much of that finds its way into the field of education! In fact, schools here have to ration their heating as their budgets are not sufficient. Children clean their own toilets and classrooms too. The bottom line is that children are not a priority in a country that sorely needs them......

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