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1st hotel near World Heritage Horyuji temple looks to foreign guests


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Nice advertising plug here..........

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World Heritage Site Horiyuji Temple.

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Until the locals get fed up with ill mannered foreigners and don't want them there

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At nearly 200 bucks a night for basic room I don't think they are going to attract many foreigners for extended stays. Affordable accommodation is the biggest problem with Japan tourism.

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For extended stays, the location is a bigger problem than the cost. It's a single-attraction destination so they'll have to create demand to hang around there.

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18,500 yen per head with meals is not seen as expensive as it seems for Japanese. It is for foreigners.

It is still good to develop possibilities for accomodation for everyone.

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Jonathan Prin,

That is because the Japanese holiday is only a day or two compared to foreigners having way longer off thanks to their better work-life balance.

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