2 British ships arrive in Japan to transport plutonium to U.S.


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Hey ... if there's any space available on those two ships perhaps it can be used for contanimated materials from the Fukuoka nuclear power plant. Gotta put that stuff somewhere ... and Japan is already crowded with these things.

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Here the media should show some discretion. There is a time and place as well as "timing" on what is reported.

Terrorists are not everywhere. Although, they may already know. You have provided information that can literally increase the damage far beyond what was done by the tsunami.

You have endangered the entire area.

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I would think the terrorists already knew about this if they were intending to target Japan.

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Yeah, they heard it from Greenpeace.

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Japanese officials refused to confirm details, citing security reasons.

While the rest of the world knows. Op-sec, operational security, Japan REALLY needs to learn what that means.

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Why is Britain sending them to America and not the US?

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Why is Britain sending them to America and not the US?

The U.S. doesn't have many civilian ships flagged in the United States and those that ARE flagged as "USA" do not have the ability to defend against an attack on the high seas. Apparently Britain does have civilian ships that can defend themselves. A U.S. naval escort of a civilian ship would still give the impression that this is a military operation and they're trying to avoid that impression.

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I loathe nuclear mess. Hate it too.

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Why is Britain sending them to America and not the US?

The ships are not HM ships and are owned by INS (62.5%), a Japanese consortium (25%) and AREVA through its subsidiary TN International (12.5%)

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11 metric tons in Japan and another 36 tons that have been reprocessed in Britain and France and are waiting to be returned to Japan - enough to make nearly 6,000 atomic bombs.

Except it is reactor grade plutonium so it isn't useful in making any atomic bombs.

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"331 kilograms of plutonium"??! For research use? What would that be? Sesoning for wheals...?!

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Good luck, America.

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Japanese officials refused to confirm details, citing security reasons.


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Straight into the hands of a terrorist cell in London.

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Doubt that the ship will sail even close to the British isles, the USA is in the opposite direction.

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