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2 central Japan nuclear reactors get 20-year service extension


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The safety was not up to standard for the 40-year license. I hope at least they sorted that. Probably not.

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Bad HaircutToday 04:48 pm JST

Good. Ignore the net-zero scam and get on with starting more of them up.

Nuclear power is part of the net-zero "scam".

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Recipe for disaster

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Nuclear power is part of the net-zero "scam"

I beg to differ. While it doesn't produce carbon dioxide emissions, it isn't generally embraced by most of the net-zero cheer squad with ever close to the fervour of wind, solar, and the like. It's more of a begrudging admission that their wind and solar pipe dream can't produce baseload power no matter how many batteries they claim they can produce and operate.

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Present Japanese LDP government prioritizes immediate profit of large corporations than health and the lives of citizen, about everything.

Totalitarianism LDP-nuclear industries complex have learned nothing from Fukushima disaster, still continue to depend on superannuated nuclear plants despite already passed designed durable life.

And, those old nuclear plants' seismic resistance are less than general quake-proof designed residence.

Besides, local evacuation plans are all superficial to restart nuclear plants, and those are impracticable.

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Good, it is needed

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Kick that can down the road...what could go wrong....

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Good. Ignore the net-zero scam and get on with starting more of them up.

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