2 dead, 70 injured after 12-vehicle accident in Hiroshima tunnel


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I'll wager speeding was the cause.

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Probably due to a combination of speeding and general lack of spatial awareness.

That said, driving in Japan is a breeze compared to Taiwan. After driving in Taiwan in the past, I came to the conclusion that the rules of the road are generally made up as people go along and I have been told by numerous people that some people think it is unlucky to look in to the car mirrors. So they don't.... and the millions of mopeds buzzing around with even less spatial awareness than car drivers in Japan make it much worse (oh, and if you're driving a car, it's your fault if one crashes into you, even if you're stopped at a traffic light and they rear end you).

But I am glad that most people seem to have survived this. Car fires (and possible explosions) in tunnels are often much more deadly than this (does anyone else remember the deadly fire in the Mt Blanc tunnel between France and Italy?). So this, whilst tragic, could have been a lot worse.

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I just saw some photo images on the news, and it looks horrific inside the tunnel. I'm surprised only 2 people have died. Sad loss, and I hope everyone recovers as soon as possible.

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So if a 2 truck collision happened earlier IN the tunnel and traffic was moving slow (possibly debris and 1 lane blocked etc), why wasn't entry into the tunnel being better monitored / controlled by highway patrol and or police to avoid the chance of secondary collisions.

Perhaps it was and the psycho truck driver ignored all external & internal tunnel warnings.


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Horrendous pileup accident! Let's keep in mind this could happen to anyone. RIP to the victims. Hope the injured get back on their feet in due course.

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Accidents like this one are usually caused by a combination of over-confidence and speeding. Reactions are never fast enough from the majority of drivers; they think they are, but too many people over-estimate their skills and so these horrific tragedies occur.

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Very sad and scary. I drive through a tunnel longer than that every day. Just a few weeks back a car was tail-gating me. I couldn't go faster because there were cars ahead and we were doing 60 anyway which is 20ks over. When we exited the tunnel I gestured to the chap that it might be a good idea to back off which he did.

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I've driven thru that tunnel many times. Shocked to hear and see the news. Not all truckies drive like idiots, but many do. They don't keep proper distance nor observe the speed limits. Unlike in Europe there are no restrictions on passing other traffic on the expressways it seems. Japan wants to limit the number of fatal traffic accidents. Well it's still a long road ahead requiring stricter regulations for trucks and enforcement of those. This is a very tragic accident the kind of which could be avoided by more surveillance, more presence of uniforms on the roads.

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