2 killed after truck rear-ends tour bus in Aichi


Two men were killed after a truck slammed into the back of a tour bus that had stopped on the Shin-Tomei Expressway in Okazaki, Aichi Prefecture, on Sunday morning.

The two dead men were the bus drivers who had got out of the bus which had stopped due to brake trouble, Fuji TV reported.

According to police, the bus was on its way from Osaka to Tokyo DisneySea. It was carrying 27 passengers and the two drivers, aged 53 and 50.

At around 2 a.m., the bus stopped on the side of the expressway. The two drivers had gotten off the bus to inspect the brakes. They were standing between the bus and the expressway's side wall when a large truck rear-ended the bus, crushing them against the wall.

The men were taken to hospital where they died about two hours later. A 22-year-old woman on the bus and the 57-year-old truck driver sustained light injuries, police said.

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Never good to stop on an expressway at night or in bad weather. Truck driver not fully awake I'd suspect.

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All trucks need to be monitored by gps and prevented from speeding. Most drive safely but enough do not as we see everyday on the streets. This driver was probably smoking and not paying attention.

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Zucronium: agreed!

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And yet another truck related fatality/ How many is it this week?

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While checking the brakes because something appears to be wrong is always a good things, I am somewhat curious to why they did not wait until the next parking spot, or took the nearest exit and parked around there. And the truck driver not paying proper attention is nothing new I guess. Either way, the article as it is, does not really contain enough information to judge this case.

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Continuing to the next PA/SA at a reduced speed with the hazards flashing would probably have been a better idea.

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Continuing to the next PA/SA at a reduced speed with the hazards flashing would probably have been a better idea.

That's what I told my kids when they started driving, daytime different especially if the oil light comes on.

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