2 killed in car-motorbike collision in Tochigi Pref


Two men were killed in a car-motorcycle collision in Oyama, Tochigi Prefecture, on Sunday.

According to police, the accident occurred at around 4:30 p.m. at an intersection with traffic lights. The car was turning right when it hit the motorcycle which was going straight ahead, police said.

Police said the 50-year-old man riding the motorbike, Izumi Tajima, from Koga, Ibaraki Prefecture, and Daisuke Ishikawa, 33, from Takanezawa, Tochigi Prefecture, who was in the front passenger seat of the car, were killed in the crash. Ishikawa’s 33-year-old wife, who was driving the car, sustained light injuries.

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I bet she feels like she wishes she could have joined them this morning.

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I'm surprised the guy in the car was even injured. Must have been one of those Kei car death traps.

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So her poor observational awareness skills killed her husband and a totally innocent motorcyclists :( I feel sorry for the victims...

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