2 killed in motorbike-truck crash


Two people died when a motorbike and truck crashed in Iga, Mie Prefecture, early Tuesday. Police said the accident occurred at around 12:10 a.m. on the Meihan expressway in Iga, Mie Prefecture.

The motorbike was in front of the truck when it got stuck underneath the truck's bumper bar, TV Asahi quoted police as saying. Police said the truck and bike continued on that way for about 200 meters before both vehicles burst into flames.

Police said two male passengers on the motorbike died as a result of the crash. One was pronounced dead at the scene, while the other was taken to hospital where he died about five hours later, TV Asahi reported. The truck driver suffered light injuries.

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The motorbike was in front of the truck when it got stuck underneath the truck’s bumper bar,

Really, you can't word that a little better?

Let me help.

A big ass truck ran over the motorbike, dragging it 200 meter killing both riders. A small scratch was left on the bumper of the truck.

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Or perhaps the guys on the motorcycle were being a-holes and deliberately cutting off the truck. This happened to me a while back. And I almost did the same thing. Dumb kids on bikes...

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200 meters? The truck driver obviously fell asleep and ran up the back of the bike

-2 ( +2 / -4 )

It was probably the result of intimidation tactics by a ignorant truck driver , I ride in Japan and I can't count how many times a truck driver has deliberately come up on the ass of my bike trying to get me to change lanes so he could rush to nowhere. Even people in cars have this from these drivers . He'll be charged for this and hopefully he gets a good 15 years for it !

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Motorbike riders in Japan are like any others in Asia; they have a death-wish. Riding between traffic and swerving erratically.

-6 ( +3 / -9 )

I ride in Japan and I can't count how many times a truck driver has deliberately come up on the ass of my bike trying to get me to change lanes so he could rush to nowhere.

Rush to nowhere? I don't think so. These guys have a schedule to stick to. If someone wants to pass you, let them pass. Its good road etiquette.

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SOiunds like a bad case of negligence... RIP to those who dieded.

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If the rider on the bike cannot get out of the way of a truck, which needs a lot of time to "speed" up, he should not have a license to ride!

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

@darknuts and what the both of you are saying that if one is following the speed limit in the slow lane we should pull off the road to accommodate the speeding truck who's exempt from rules if the road because his company gave him a schedule to follow.

It took the truck 200 meter +- to stop. Most heavy trucks can come to a full stop in about 150 meters if following the speed limit.

Also good road etiquette would be not to climb over the back of a bike carrying two people, he was obviously too close if he couldn't avoid hitting that bike ....and ignore the very fact that he kept driving until the vehicles caught fire.

Hopefully you two don't drive and are just opinionated train riders talking with no experience because those are obvious idiotic statements that you both have made both scream lack if etiquette and respect for driving safely

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Sorry to say, but truck drivers here are EXTREMELY rude. They constantly run red lights well after the light has changed and simply turn on their hazards as though saying "excuse, I'm coming thru, I know I'm not supposed to but shitsure shimasu". If a truck driver tailgates me, I will continue at the posted speed limit (weather permitting) and if he wants to pass me, I will not stop him, but I will not get out of the way just so he can speed to his destination putting others in harm's way. They are not exempt from traffic rules.

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No. Lack of etiquette is deliberately going slow and cutting someone off so they can't pass. A couple of clowns on bike blocked both lanes went as slow as 30kph on the highway when I was driving home. If someone wants to pass, change lanes. You should not be in the passing lane if you're not passing. No one said anything about pulling off the road. And yes, I do drive 30k a day and I run into jokers like that all the time.

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When I'm in the left lane and I need to pass the car in front of me, of course I have to use the right lane to pass. Sometimes that takes a few seconds to do.

But sometimes a truck/car/motorcycle comes up at incredibly dangerous speeds and unnecessarily tailgates.

It only takes a few seconds of patience to wait until I've passed and return to the far left lane. I do speed up to pass but I'm not going to be pressured by these a**holes to go as ridiculously fast as they are. They don't own the roads.

They are the ones, like I'm suspecting the truck driver in the article above, that often cause these "accidents" on the expressways/roads.

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There's no shortage of rude drivers whether truck, auto, or bike on the roads. I've seen plenty of each. In this case, and from this article, it's impossible to determine whether which or both are at fault.

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I am in awe that anyone would come here defending either truck drivers or motorcycle driver's against the other. I should think the odds of either one being crazy is pretty good. In fact, the odds of both being crazy is pretty good as well. As a long time driver in Japan, I am not going to rush to the defense of either.

But I can tell you the only motorcycle accident I have seen in Japan involved two guys on a bike who I first saw as they passed me on the left on a narrow two lane road at very high speed. A couple kilometers later, there they were lying on the road. They had slammed right into the side of a truck as it was turning right, which means they tried to pass even though it was a no passing zone, or were just too stupid to notice a truck turning and/or two fast to do anything about it but wipe out and skid into the truck.

But even without accidents, I have seen both truck drivers and motorcyclists do the most crazy things. I can imagine the truck driver doing all that people here say. I can imagine the motorcyclist doing what the others say. I can also imagine the motorcyclist passing the truck without changing lanes, escaping the attention of the driver, then the motorcyclist jumps in front of the truck and slows down for whatever reason, and the truck driver never even saw the motorcycle and is wondering what all that noise is, and figures its just the engine.

But I am not saying that is what happened. We and the police may never know.

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