2 men found dead in Tokyo hotel in apparent suicide


Police said Monday that the bodies of two men were found in a business hotel room in Tokyo's Chuo Ward in what appears to be a double suicide.

The bodies of the men, both in their 20s, were found in the bathroom of the hotel at around 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, TV Asahi reported. Police said one of the men was found lying on the floor face up and the other was found sitting in a chair. Police said that there were no obvious signs of injury on the bodies.

Found near the men, investigators said, was an empty bottle of toilet cleaner, of the type often used in suicide cases. Police say the detergent is often mixed with other substances to create hydrogen sulphide, a colorless gas with an odor like rotten eggs, which quickly causes death by asphyxiation.

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Sad waste of life whatever the reason.

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Overcome by egocentric conditioning. So sad.

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Terrible, two in their 20s ending their lives! Social, work, family pressure. Why?

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Lovers unable to find acceptance? Too bad.

Musta been some hotel tho--

"Found in the bathroom," but one is lying on the ground face-up and another sitting in a chair?? Enough room to lie down in a Japanese bathroom? Enough room for a chair also?

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

Social, work, family pressure. Why?

Rigid labor market (the type easily locked out of for life)?

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i don't understand why this news is "sad" for so many people. two faceless/nameless people committed suicide. i feel neither sympathy or empathy.

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I don't understand why someone who doesn't feel anything feels it is his duty to belittle people who express their regret over a death. Go back to being unfeeling somewhere else.

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These are two sons, possibly brothers, cousins, uncles, boyfriends, certainly ex-schoolfriends, sempai and kouhai.

I hope someone will miss you, my friend.

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Please refrain from posting rubbish like this, which reflects badly on yourself.

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I reread my post

Lovers unable to find acceptance? Too bad.

and worried it came off flippant. if that's why I got thumbs downed, my apologies, I meant it is sad, if that's the case. Or anything else really.

(If however I was thumbs dn ed because I talked about gay ppl, tho, shame on you!!)

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rickyvee, "life" is always priceless. be it a human/ non human or known / unknown. hope u have a mirror at home.

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Life is always priceless partly because we have the freedom to end it should we so wish.

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