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21-year-old driver, going wrong way on expressway, killed in collision with truck


A 21-year-old man was killed after the car he was driving the wrong way along an expressway in Hitachiota, Ibaraki Prefecture, collided with a truck on Friday morning.

According to police, the accident occurred at around 1:30 a.m. on the Joban Expressway, Fuji TV reported. The dead man was identified as Yuya Akutsu, a company employee. The truck driver sustained minor injuries.

Police said the car entered the expressway in the wrong direction at the Hitachiota interchange and proceeded for about 10 kilometers before the collision.

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drivers between 30-40 are the ones responsible for the most road fatalities

That's because the majority of drivers by demographic group in any developed country is 30-40yrs.

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You would also have to be going the wrong way on the low road in order to enter a highway in the wrong direction...

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Wakarimasen - Also shows the dangers of young inexperienced drivers.

Thats an an interesting comment. Every time a senior driver is involved in an accident people call for elderly drivers to be banned. Now, you are blaming this on inexperienced young drivers. The really ironic thing is, drivers between 30-40 are the ones responsible for the most road fatalities. Hmmm?

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It’s possible to enter without going through a gate - warnings and signs should be posted in higher numbers to prevent this mistake!

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1.30 am?  Tired?

Also shows the dangers of young inexperienced drivers.

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Expressways can be confusing here, but if you don't pass through an ETC gate when you enter, it's a good indication that you are going the wrong direction, right?.

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1:30am? Drunk?

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