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22 high school students suffer heatstroke in Ishikawa


Twenty-two high school students were treated for heatstroke on Thursday afternoon in Hakusan City, Ishikawa Prefecture.

Police said the students were taking part in sports activities at about 1 p.m. when several started feeling unwell, NTV reported. Two boys and 19 girls were sent to hospital. All were released later in the day, police said.

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, the temperature at Hakusan at 1 p.m. was 26.3 degrees C. Humidity was 69%, and there was no wind.

Health officials are urging teachers nationwide to monitor the condition of students during outdoor events.

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there really is no need for students to suffer heatstroke....make sure they are hydrated, not gaman-ing until they fall over - that is your job teachers. i wonder if there was even a teacher present.

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Heatstroke when it's 26.3 degrees... What will happen to them in July August and September when it will reach 38/40 degrees?

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Make them go home if it gets too hot.

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All students should comply with the common good, even death or near death does not excuse them, get hard or die. It's worked so well until now? Judo will weed out the weak.

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It's that time of year again then?

Here we go again then...

Ironic that the people in charge of the educational institutions never learn...

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Is this so surprising in a country where they still do bounce stretching for a warm-up in gym class? This country is so behind the times in some areas it really makes you shake your head.

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Avoid sports activities at peak hours on hot days. Everyone knows that.

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Avoid sports activities at peak hours on hot days. Everyone knows that.

But this is Japan. Last year in my town 20+ kids passed out due to the heat during the headmaster's "warm up" speech. Couldn't find enough ambulances to take the victims away.....

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sick ...weak .... girls,

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Surprising 26c doesn't seem warm.

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And not one teacher will lose their job over this and the comments are few. So many things teachers get busted for and I am thinking "big deal", but failure to recognize that their students are suffering heat stroke? Or worse, creating the conditions where they do? Holy molely but does anyone have any idea of what is really important?

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That is going to be difficult, montoring the kids well being that is...I have grown to think they really dont care. There is a school in my city which had no tents during sports day last year, and the temperature was in the 30's (Celsius.) no one seemed to care.

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