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23 injured as typhoon lashes Okinawan islands


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Sorry that people were injured, but for us in Naha, Chan-hom was ho hum!

At least with a typhoon you get plenty of warning.

Time to stock up with beer and snacks.

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A number of flights in and out of Okinawa

All flights in and out of Okinawa were cancelled from yesterday afternoon until early this afternoon today. Close to 50 or so and the typhoon is causing a ton of damage to vegetable crops and sugarcane fields along with the flower growers as well, the costs are going to be expensive.

The ONLY silver lining is that since Okinawa had an almost non-existent rainy season this year the typhoon hopefully will bring some much needed rain. However since all the dams are in the northern area of the island (for the most part) the typhoon may or may not bring enough rain to head off potential water-rationing later this year.

The dams were down to 58% of capacity, when typically around this time of year they are near to 100%.

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I wish everyone who lives or has has loved ones in Okinawa the best during these storms. Many times they can pass by and you simply have an overcast day, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't take it seriously the next time.

Be safe, be smart, and take care!

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Unless you have some dangerous and important infrastructure/public works job that requires you to be outside, I don't understand how so many people get injured. Every time a typhoon comes I get a little extra water and food and sit in my apartment until it's over. Damn-near every building on this island is built like a concrete bunker so it's easy to just ride out even a CAT5 storm.

A bunch of my friends went drifting last night (rain = reduced traction, easier to get the car sideways) but I think that's crazy. If somebody wrecks or is injured, good luck getting assistance at 3am in a typhoon!

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Seems like a perfect place to base your Air Force and Marines.

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Harry, it actually is... this one was just like all the rest as for the Typhoon,,,

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Agree, typhoons are not the reason they shouldn't be here.

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but for us in Naha, Chan-hom was ho hum!

But for YOU....didnt know you were the spokesperson for 360,000 people.

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@Noble, you should report the idiots for endangering other road users.

Typhoon number 9 certainly did hit Naha, and is still hanging around.

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Sorry to hear of the injuries - I wonder if perhaps they were tourists or fools? I miss the occasional typhoon, enjoyable for several reasons not the least of which was a much needed day off.

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Sorry that people were injured, but for us in Naha, Chan-hom was ho hum!

Ho hum.....the damage is reported to be in the $10's of millions of dollars, and you call that "ho-hum"?

What perch are you sitting on?

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