25% of displaced Fukushima residents do not wish to return home again: survey


A recent survey conducted by Fukushima University shows that trust in the government when it comes to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster is low among some former residents, and that one in four do not wish to return to their homes.

The survey covered 28,000 households displaced by the crisis in Futaba and Okuma, which are closest to the stricken nuclear power plant, the university said on its website. Replies were received from 13,460 households.

When asked why they didn't want to return to their homes, 83% of respondents said they believed that decontamination of the area would prove difficult, 66% responded they don't trust the government's assurances that radiation levels are safe, and 61% answered that they do not expect the area to return to normal.

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Smart folks. You don't want to go back down that road. It's a ghost town now. Area 51. They should fence the whole area off like they do in Nevada in the desert.

Don't go out there either. The Fukushima Hills have eyes now.

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Sad that only 1/4 of people from there are either intelligent enough to make the statement, or young enough to have such concerns. In other words, I am sure some of the old people who want to go home are smart enough to realize that they won't be alive long enough for a lot of things to matter. But the young ones who do want to go back? Okay, some might have their reasons, but most must not be terribly bright.

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Does that mean that 75% of people are willing to return to their homes?! If that is the case, I am guessing that most of those 75% are the 60 years and older. Still it's surprising that only a quarter are saying they don't want to go back.

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Yeah very low number, thought it would have been more like 95% of people dont want to return, just goes to show how uninformed some really are.

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"trust in the government when it comes to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster is low among some former residents"

This statement applies to everybody in Japan who doesn't make a living with nuclear fission.

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OK everyone...ALL CLEAR ... you can move back home mow. Yeah right ! I am amazed that anyone would think of moving back ino the affected area. The Japanese leaders that are telling people it is safe should prove it..Let them and their families move into this area for a few weeks. They can drink the water, breath the dust in the air into their lungs, and let their children play outside. Only a fool would beleave this area is safe for habitation.

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Of those 25%, I wonder what percentage were living in the 20 Km exclusion zone? Pretty high i high would imagine.

We recently met a person who returnes to Minami Soma after he had spent 6 months living in Machida.

'why did you come back?'

'Because Machida is horrible'.

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Less then half of the households selected to take part in the survey replied to the questionaire, and of those that did comply 24 percent do not wish to return to their former homes. Perhaps the proportion wishing to remain at what they would consider to be a safer distance from their origins would be much higher with a 100 percent response.For those not wishing to return , compensation should be suffice to sustain them during their endeavours to begin a new life in a location of their choice. I hope this is on the political agenda, if not, then it should be

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Only 25%? Gees! I thought it would be more. Gotta be some good housing deals going down on the N/E coast of JP.

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I too was surprised to read that 75% wanted to return to such a dangerous place. Are there not enough able people at Fukushima University that could explain how dangerous that still is. Why should people want to risk their lives?

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So 75% would like to go back? Great. Go back. Juts promise you won't try and use the national health service when you get cancer. Idiots.

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on the fukushima front, surprisingly no news about edano twisting his words. he was trained as a lawyer and is obviously good at lying. another interesting nugget, did you know that edano evacuated his family to the philipines whilst famously reasurring the nation that there was no immediate danger to their health? make your own conclusions.

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Do you blame him?? I don't!

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People a lot of people are older and will never develop cancer from this in their lifetimes. So my guess it is the seniors that want to return home and the 25 percent are the young people. Second the doctors are guessing again they keep changing their minds on EVERYTHING. There was a time when drinking coffee was suppose to cause cancer, now it is red wine and women.

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Red wine and women cause cancer? Well, at least I'll die happy!

But I expect Yuri's analysis is correct, the older folks will want to go back no matter what and the younger will think about their future and stay away. I think we all know older folks who really shouldn't stay home alone but insist that they are going to.

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Should of wrote red wine is suppose to cause breast cancer in women. A 5% increase or some other such nonsense. Well the government should relocate the 25% to new homes. Once that is done they will be "whole" again.

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The title of this article should be.......

'25% of displaced Fukushima residents do not wish to return home to a premature death!'

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now it is red wine and women That is incorrect. Studies are showing that a glass a day cuts cancer rates and that men live longer with few health issues when they are married. Best you find another example - perhaps smoking causes cancer?

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Not a very accurate study for the entire exclusion zone though, because just like in the area around Chernobyl, the farther perimiters will become opened up over time. I would be quite interested in hearing the opinions of those that were within the 20-30km, especially since some of that is already slowly reopening

And a side note, which I know will get me "thumbed down", but whatever: please do not call the people who want to return to where they spent their entire lives idiots, most of them probably lived in the area for generations and that is all they ever knew. Even if it is not safe, it is not that unreasonable to want to go back to everything you previously had and try to reclaim your previous life. It just seems heartless to call them idiots or say that they will definitely die prematurely, these people lost everything and just want to reclaim what they can.

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No job, no home, all it has is radioactive threats..and the memories of tsunami ! Have to put oneself into their shoes !

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Red wine never disagrees with me - I have had many a rested night on the pavement due to overindulgence!

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Even more incredible are all the people rebuilding in the areas in Miyagi and Iwate that got hit with the tsunami and could get hit again.

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Apparently someone thinks rebuilding in the same areas that got hit with a monster tsunami is a good idea.

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