260 vehicles still stranded in snow on Sea of Japan coast


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Good to see the SDF stepping in quickly, although I feel for the drivers who have been stuck there.

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Wow, people have died in such circumstances. Hypothermia, etc. I hope they've got highly insulated sleeping bags

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look at all the houses and businesses on the side of that busy road. Nobody is getting hypothermia. Maybe a stiff neck from sleeping on tatami.

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Truckers stranded 60 hours or more. True the roadside stores are keeping them supplied, but their bed is in a small space behind the truck's front seats, not on the locals' tatami. Can't constantly keep the engine running for heat, need to conserve fuel. Pretty much like what you'd see in US or EU roadsides or truck stops during an extreme snowstorm.

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Ohh...god please people's to save snow look lika a cake Town

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Damn! I hope the SDF doesn't take off to quickly! More heavy snowfall reported for Sunday. I pushed 7 cars out of snow in 3 days.

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