28 suffer food poisoning at MOS Burger restaurants


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Only one store closed for three days out of 19 proven to be selling tainted foods even though they concluded the poisoning came from the head manufacturing plant? Every Moss Burger in the country should have been closed until the exact source of the poisoning was known and removed. Gees I'm glad I don't eat at fast food chains.

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Agree with Disillusioned. It seems Moss Burger cares little about responsibility and has no remorse for what they did.

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Agree with Disillusioned. It seems Moss Burger cares little about responsibility and has no remorse for what they did.

Health Ministry should have ordered all Mos burger outlet closed if they really cared

about the the public's health but as we all know and has been shown in myriad of cases

the profit and sales of company comes before the health or well being of the people.

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So Public Health is in the back pocket of industry. Sad to see but also sad that I'm not surprised

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This is a big problem with centralised food processing, only takes one bad batch and then all are affected.

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Not good for Japanese food chain store that want to take over the world. Phillipines' Jollibe also not able to franchise globally. Only US food stores are all over the world. Mos @ HK was really good though but still try to avoid all fast food.

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And they are going to be fined??? Oh yeah sorry I forgot we are in Japan.

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This also means the food supply is not regularly checked, ever. Yikes

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Here's what a Public Health food safety system looks like (because it's ...public) : . Zoom in, click on a dot, see the Inspection Details. Scroll down and see their infractions and how quickly they dealt with it or what is a recurring issue.

I can check a restaurant's history and see if it's a place on a good trend or not. Doesn't matter how rich the owner or menu is either.

When that food poisoning occurred in Ginza that was reported here it reminded me it didn't matter how expensive a place is or how cheap as in MOS Burger, if there are no checks and balances then everyone is at risk

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I ate at MosBurger in Nagano with my youngest last week. I've been ill since, but only with a cold symptoms and nothing with my guts. It makes you think though.

I trust this will be treated with the seriousness it deserves. The company being Japanese does not give them an easier ride than McDonalds or anyone else.

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If the health ministry does not close do all the Moss Burgers at least people will like avoid those places. Anyone hot for a Moss Burger?

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sf2K: This is Japan... they check AFTER food poisoning.

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If this had been McD, well you know the rest,,,

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Oh Mos God! (omg) sounds like a local contamination.

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Yes smithinjapan! This is Japan indeed! Lax on food control and everything else! Makes me so angry to be here everyday.

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Not again.

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This was hushed up nicely. And I do like my Mos Burger. Ate there recently. They should have been shut down.


As for the usual smithinjapan anti-Japan rant, please don't try to tell me that food hygiene is poor here. These stories happen everywhere. In the UK you can catch salmonella from cooked eggs or chicken. The eggs and chicken are so fresh here, you can eat them raw. And they have strict rules on bringing meat and dairy into the country like nobody else does.

The reason why this has been (wrongly) hushed up, is because when this news gets out in Japan many people will stop eating there. Happened to Macs here a while ago.

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Gonna be a public bowing here again.

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Mos burger will be fine, at least financially.

They will maybe get fined like 500k yen, and then settle all the cases for just a few million yen if at all.

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