2nd attempt to salvage sunken Hokkaido tourist boat begins


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They have confirmed three holes in the bottom of her hull, in footage taken the first time they lifted her.

This time they plan to pull her tight to the side of the barge and go straight for shallower water… before heading closer along the coast back to Abashiri.

Seems like a sensible plan…

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Safe journey to all involved in these salvage efforts and to the others at sea continuing their search for the others still lost.

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Why didn’t the company that caused the tragedy pay for the salvage??

obviously the piece of …. Boss is out playing golf again with the money he gained by putting lives at risk for his own gain! If they aren’t going to send this scumbag to jail at least bankrupt the mongrel!

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What is the purpose of all those crazy and expensive actions? The tour operator sends the boat and people into deep sea and death despite weather warnings and ship damage, the communication companies can’t provide a stable phone or ham connection, the salvage company needs several attempts to get that ship up and out of the sea for whatever unknown reason and can’t even calculate the rope thickness although data of how heavy the ship wreck is available…. What’s wrong with all those involved people, why set they even more people at risk , the search helicopters and ships, the divers, the salvage team and what is that all for and why at our all costs? Any rational thinking and argumentation out there?

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nandakandamandaToday  05:26 pm JST

This time they plan to pull her tight to the side of the barge and go straight for shallower water… before heading closer along the coast back to Abashiri.

Seems like a sensible plan…

I suggested the exact same thing. And got ridiculed for it.

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So did I on 24 May, Ossan.

Got given -2 for my suggestion.

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First time the lifting work took many days to raise the boat, but second time they took just one-two days to raise it from the deeper seabed after it dropped back and no divers did not go work down there. I thought they would take more days and divers would go down there again.

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Salvages are terribly complicated and can even be dangerous, on top of that I can't imagine the amount of pressure the salvaging company is under because of the attention of the public. Of course bringing something that could ease the pain of the families is of importance, but I think is would be much more important that the authorities make sure this thing can't happen in the future.

If the regulations and inspections are are lax as this incident seem to indicate this would mean a serious reform is badly needed.

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@Sven, there is no substitute to having the actual vessel / aircraft / train / truck or what have you on dry land where all the parts my be carefully examined to determine the cause of the mishap. I have had some mishap investigation training and the clues to why things failed will be present. The investigators are not going in cold, they have the experiences of decades of prior mishap investigations to draw from. I recall in our investigation handbook there was something like 14 pages of light bulb analysis. How light bulbs fail tell a story not just about the light bulb but whether associated systems were working properly or turned on or off. If there was an inherent structural weakness that can be revealed. If certain hull vents were left open instead of being secured for heavy weather and that was a source of water ingress, that will be apparent in the wreck. The wreck will tell a story if you know how to read it and good investigators will be able to determine the cause of the mishap.

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