3 children, 1 man drown in rivers


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Where are the adults that allow 5 year olds to go and play in a river?

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Always have a floating device and/or a long pole in such situations.

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That's a lot of concrete in the photo. Constantly suprised how few people know how to swim. Even floating is a skill few possess. If you can't swin don't go in the water. It's sad that people drown when a few lessons could have saved them.

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Very sad indeed, but it is always a risk to play in a river. Aside this there has been an increase of drownings lately.

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Kids and water are always a dangerous mix, especially with inexperienced adults around.

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Though I wouldn't let my 5 year old play alone in a river, I'm very glad that her preschool has been her water safety and swimming for 3 years now. Two years ago my MIL tried to convince me to let my daughter and FIL go play in the local river while I was at a funeral back home and were quite upset when I refused. Someone nearly in their 70's watching over a 3 year old in a natural river is too risky for me. These poor children. Their poor families. People need to assess the risks of things like this better.

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The boy's two sisters, aged 9 and 11, were also rushed to the hospital after rescuers received an emergency call around 2 p.m., but neither showed signs of life at the time, they said.

Are they still alive? This wording is very confusing.

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I often wonder how beautiful Japanese rivers might be if they weren't all smothered in concrete.

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kurisupisuToday  07:24 am JST

“Where are the adults that allow 5 year olds to go and play in a river?”

In the case of the five-year-old in this article, the two adults were sitting with her on a rock.

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How awful hear this. However, there's nothing wrong with river play. You just have to be wise about it. Look for drop offs and don't go near them. Play on the opposite side where the fast water flow. I think with proper parenting, it teaches a lot of respect for the river. RIP

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Derek GrebeToday  10:14 am JST

I often wonder how beautiful Japanese rivers might be if they weren't all smothered in concrete.

They were beautiful when I played in them back in the 60s and 70s. Some of them were really pretty and lots of people use to relax on the banks, too.

When I came back to Japan 25 years later, most if not all the rivers I had been to as a kid had been altered or completely made unswimmable with concrete.

They try to make these concrete river structures look as nice as they can but in the end they're still just concrete and ugly.

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That is a lot of deaths of children.

There is no indication that it is due to natural flooding. How can so many die without reason ?

It breaks my heart because at that age, any reasonable adult should tell the kids where to play and save them if necessary.

I never hear from Japanese that the loss of several children is a tragedy.

Fate can be controlled by simple wise prevention like to learn how to swim before.

I am appalled when I hear someone says he/she would not be able to swim ashore if falling in a river. I did the small necessary for my kids from 7.

Children are the future.

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In these popular areas, it there any life float aids at the side of the river? just in case there is an emergency that can be thrown in to the river

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I've notice when we go to kanuma river the current is strong even in a knee deep area. But still Japanese parents don't even care to watch their kids swimming.

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Where are the adults that allow 5 year olds to go and play in a river?

As the article clearly states, "The police said a man and a woman in their around 20s who were in the river with them nearly drowned but are not in life-threatening conditions."

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I’m pretty surprised by the relaxed attitude of Japanese parents by the water. Beach scenario the other day: dad laying on the beach with 2 year old girl on his chest. His eyes are closed. Meanwhile his 3 year old son was playing with his bike at the waters’ edge. A wave came along and nearly took him away. He fell over and struggled to get back to shore. I couldn’t do anything as I was a bit far and had my infant to take care of. This really pissed me off! So irresponsible!!!

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