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3 Chinese ships seen again in disputed island waters


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Oh. I didn't even know they left.

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Oh Wow! Make a full report Captain.!

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When history looks back on this mess, however it turns out, Kan is going to be vilified. To allow a nutjob like Ishihara to dictate foreign policy was cowardly, shortsighted, and an indication of the impotence of the DPJ.

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Israel supports Japan despite differences historically we respect the Japanese

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China needs to learn to play by the rules and be a good international citizen. Do they actually think the world buys their nonsense?

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Quick! Tell mum and dad! I mean Clinton and Obama.

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It's all about mentality, no I don't think the rest of the world buys their story ....but I also think China cares if anyone outside their realm does or not. A large percent of the worlds population lives in China so they are only trying to keep swooning their own populace so they can draw focus away from their own human rights issues. Preventing a civil uproar of any kind directed within.

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