3 dead, 2 injured in car collision in Mie


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Just from the description it sounds like the cab driver was fully at fault. The impact looks to be at at least 60KMh which is normal on a high way.

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If drivers and pedestrians observe traffic laws 100%, accidents are not supposed to happen. But human errors happen unavoidably. Some ignore the rules intentionally or make careless self judgement. I always feel scared by an imagination if a car running the opposite lane by some reason suddenly cross the center line into my side. Japan's narrow roads divided only by drawing white line in the center is dangerous.

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I’m guessing the taxi driver mistimed the gap. Thirty seconds is not a long time to wait when you are gambling with your life and the lives of others.

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A few observations.

Condolences to those involved.

How rare must be fatal traffic accidents in Japan, that they make the international news?

In response to Schopenhauer's comment, I remember when the opposing lanes of traffic on the freeway over here in Cali were separated by no more than some paint on the pavement. Horrendous accidents involving head-on collisions were all too frequent. At some point in the past it was decided to erect a concrete barrier in between the opposing lanes, and as a result fatalities from head-on collisions on the freeway are much rarer.

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From what I read, I think 3 people got injured, not 2

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Except non of this was head on from only a thin white line separating, this was a black taxi at night sideways, so no light visible to fifty six year old driver on freeway

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Maybe Day Running Lights should be each corner and side (like amber lights on trucks)

Maybe BLACK or dark coloured cars should be discouraged, especially for Taxis (you don't see dangerous machinery in Factories painted black)

Which is why it is tragic that the Toyota Olympic Taxi is all black !

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You take your life into your own hands driving in Japan. Tunnel vision is the norm and the average geriatric has no awareness of what is happening in the world around their vehicle.

Please drive defensively and look after your passengers and yourselves.

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I used to drive around there quite a lot when visiting Suzuka cricuit.

The four- and six-lane roads generally have a concrete strip down the middle, but people there pull out all the time, blocking one side, expecting traffic on this side to suddenly stop for them until they can get over to the other side. A local habit, I guess, but for me as an outsider it seemed outrageously selfish and dangerous.

Such a sad incident, and yes , a black taxi at night would not have been easy to see. We do not know whether the other driver was local, but he will surely be attributed some of the blame.

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What a tragic accident, and especially now just before new year.

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While the article doesn't mention this, recently I have been noticing a lot of drivers with their lights off at night and flashing your lights on and off to signal them means nothing here like it does in the US. Also some cars are using daytime running lights at night which don't help much on a busy, confusing 6 lane road. I suppose a drive recorder could tell if this was the case. T-bone crashes are horrible. RIP.

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Had to be breaking the speed limit for that sort of damage

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I hope the driver of the other car is not sued by the family of the passengers in the taxi. There is an article on SoraNews24 that talks about a car that crossed over to the other side. That driver died, but his insurance did not cover non-family relatives, so his family sued the driver (victim) of the other car. Anyway, RIP.

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1glenn: "How rare must be fatal traffic accidents in Japan, that they make the international news?"

Yeah, try again, amigo. They happen as frequently or more than anywhere else. This made the news because it seems the taxi driver's stupidity got himself and others killed, and still others seriously injured. And I'm not surprised, really. Taxi drivers pull out of parking lots with little or no regard for oncoming traffic. I've wiped out on bike twice due to it, the second time with me hitting the taxi (got them to pay for my bike at least after I called the cops, though the driver begged me not to). Taxi drivers here are awful.

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Yikes. That photo makes me glad I drive my child around in a Volvo.

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Well, try that in a Volvo.

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Even a Volvo does not give you a guarantee of survival.

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Yikes. That photo makes me glad I drive my child around in a Volvo.

Volvos aren't as safe as they used to be following the Geely take over.

In the 2019 IIHS(A US auto insurance trade organization) safety award, Hyundai dominates the list as the half the awarded models are Hyundai/Kia/Genesis. No Volvo model in the list. So if you care about safety, you drive either Hyundai or Tesla, not Volvo.

Of course this assumes you are living in the US/EU/Australia/UK and not in Japan. Hyundais are not available in Japan.

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Yikes. That photo makes me glad I drive my child around in a Volvo

Really Capt??.. Really ???!!!!..

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By multiple standards, the Volvo XC-60 is the safest car on the road, even the safest ever tested by some standards.

And that taxi got blown to smithereens.

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