3 die, over 100 injured in repair attempts in storm-hit Chiba Pref


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What the hell is a 94 year old man doing climbing up on a roof? I get the fact that he THINKS he can do it, and probably did it a hundred times over the course of his life, but this should never have happened!

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Although it’s unfortunate, I can easily understand this. When I lived through a typhoon that caused widespread damage throughout a prefecture that seldom gets even the edges of typhoons, there were houses all over without roofs, with windows gone etc. One problem was that stores sold out of blue tarps immediately, but those lucky enough to get ahold of some then had the problem of how to get them in place. The electricity was out and phone lines were also down (this was before cell phones or computers). Even if you had money and a way to contact a professional, there were not enough to handle all the work.

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Just call the guy.

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The 94 year must have lost his marbles. I'm 20 years younger and skilled but still wouldn't do it without some form of scaffolding/tower. Even getting a plastic sheet onto the roof is difficult. But serious lack of roof guys in these disasters. The SDF could be used to get the plastic sheets in place.

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Of course, it's so easy for us living outside of the disaster area to say what these people should or should not do. But I'm pretty sure these people have called for help, but help doesn't come. They wait and wait but no one comes, and meanwhile, more storms come along threatening to drench their roofless homes. I'm sure there comes a point when they made the decision to try fixing their roof themselves, or to patch them up because they can't stand another drenching from the rain. It's a tough decision: Play it safe and wait for help to come, but face the possibility of having your house flooded with rain, which would damage the structure of your house, or take the risk to fix the roof yourself.

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You can get a ladder up to the roof and then throw ropes over to the other side. Then pull up the plastic sheets and use the ropes to make them tight and hold in place. Then push bags of sand onto the plastic sheets to hold in place against the wind and rain.

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"Abe told Morita that the government is doing its utmost."

Yeah, same as they did for the STILL 50,000 in shelters from 2011. Sure, they got the Olympics on the backs of the sufferers, but "doing it's utmost"? That's not saying much then or now. Keep in mind, they own 51% of TEPCO, so I think they only thing they are doing the utmost towards is damage control.

As for people getting up on their roofs... Come on, people. Be safe, not stupid. Get people who know what they are doing to help.

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As for people getting up on their roofs... Come on, people. Be safe, not stupid. Get people who know what they are doing to help.

But you can't fault people for helping out and trying. The government isn't doing a thing. So, neighbors and other kind people have lent their support and help. Unfortunately, accidents happen. The three that did die are three out of thousands who are going on top of either their roofs or others to help fend off the rain.

It's like blaming the businessman who died being stabbed by the crazy man at a bus stop as he was trying to save the lives of the students waiting there. He wasn't trained in hand-to-hand combat, but he risked his life to save the lives of others.

These people have obviously been waiting for professional help, but help doesn't come. So should they just let the next storm come and flood their homes and them with it? Or, should they do something about it? Death is a possibility either way.

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