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3 found dead in house in suspected suicide


Police in Kasamatsu, Gifu Prefecture, said Tuesday that the bodies of three members of one family were found in their home in a suspected suicide.

Police said a note was found, saying that the oldest son committed suicide last year and the family buried his body in the garden, Fuji TV reported.

According to police, the bodies of the home owner, 57, his wife, 55, and their 25-year-old daughter were found by the man's brother at about 6:50 p.m. Monday. The man's body was on the first floor and the bodies of the two women were on the second floor, police said. The man had apparently hanged himself, while the two women died of carbon monoxide poisoning from a charcoal burner, police said.

Police said a note referred to the 28-year-old son committing suicide last year and that the family decided to bury his body in the garden.

Police said they will investigate circumstances concerning the son who was not reported as missing.

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Life is hard and getting even harder for the unemployed and low income in the face of the increased cost of utilities resulting from Abe and Kuroda's monetary policy and the higher sales tax taking effect next year. 3 less people who might have voted against Abe is gone.

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why is it wrong to commit suicide? i mean, they were all adults, and if they choose to end their lives willingly then it's not really a tragedy.

It's certainly a tragedy for the people left behind, in particular the brother of the homeowner that found all of them. First his nephew, now his brother, sister in law, and niece? My heart goes out to him.

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How unfortunate. R.I.P. to the family.

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Rickybee - suicide is not wrong. It's just weak and the most selfish act a person could take.

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Maybe it's suicide or murder made to look like suicide. I tend to doubt often now. A result of reading too much crime stories!

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Most religions consider it a Sin and thus it was written into the laws. Same with euthanasia and assisted suicide.

Strange we don't apply the same to Animals, again religious reasons.

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why is it wrong to commit suicide? i mean, they were all adults, and if they choose to end their lives willingly then it's not really a tragedy. is there some moral clause that says we all have to try to live as long as possible? i don't see it as being any different from an elderly person choosing to end their life.

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Japan really needs to do something about the terribly common occurrance of suicide here. How on earth a young 25 year old woman - her whole life ahead of her - agreed to kill herself with her parents we will never know. Life is grim here for so many people, unfortunately.

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Could the son's spirit came back to let them know it was wrong to do it?

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Who is "the man"? The home owner?

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Very, very sad. May they rest in peace.

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