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3 high school students killed in head-on collision in Okayama


Three 18-year-old high school students were killed when their car crashed head-on into a car on a highway in Okayama City on Thursday night.

According to police, the accident occurred at around 11:40 p.m. in Kita Ward. Fuji TV reported that the car carrying the three male high school students from Akaiwa, Okayama Prefecture, veered over the center line on a curve into the path of an oncoming car.

The three students were taken to hospital and died shortly after arrival. They were identified as Kanzei High School student Koki Nagano, who was driving, Ginga Hiraga and Daiki Kanzaki, both of Higashi Okayama Technical High School. The 54-year-old driver of the other car suffered light injuries, police said.

Police said it was raining heavily at the time of the accident.

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More horrific crashes in the rain. So sad for the families and such a waste of young life.

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RIP. Far too young to die.

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i was involved in a serious head on accident over 10yrs ago, I was traveling at around 50~60kph and the other driver around 70~80kph, he was speeding around a corner, happened so fast neither of us had time to brake .Our vehicles where no were near as damaged as these two in the photos. Either of the two drivers must have been driving very fast for there no be that much frontal damage

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Hard to tell from the image but looks like a substantial silver van meets black kei car at high speed. We can guess who was driving which.

3 young men together a car with a new qualified driver.

had similar one when was 17.

We ended upside down in a field. Car total write off. Luckily we all walked away.

Excuse my seeming lack of sympathy but can help wondering if they did bloods?

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Lanes of traffic traveling in opposing direction should have a reinforced concrete barrier . . . prefabricated units known as 'Jersey' barriers were developed in the U. S. for this purpose.

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Inexperience, speed, night time, curve, rain - these make for a bad outcome. But I'm going to guess speed was the number one issue here.

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Seat belts! The other driver had light injuries, obviously they teenagers thought it was cool not to wear a seat belt.

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As far as I'm aware, you can't get a car license or any license in Japan if you are registered in HS or below, so how were they driving? Maybe JT can clarify if the driver had a license?

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It pains me to state the obvious, but this could have been avoided (mitigated) if the students had taken their own safety more seriously, not for granted. I find solace only in the fact that it could have been avoided.

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Tragic. RIP

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Wearing seat belts or no ?

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Jprin, even if they were waring seat belts or not i think the tragic out come would still be the same.

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