3 men found dead in car; police suspect lethal gas made from detergent


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Saga of Samurai Suicides. Silence on the issue by j-govt/social organisations is deafening.

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New age code of bushido: don't do well in life, terminate it now.

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Why did this story make it to the home page of CNN's website?? How is it any different than any of the other suicide stories?

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"Hirata declined to give further details"

Uh, I think he said more than enough even though the cats been out the bag for awhile now

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Comedian Matsumoto Hitoshi is in hot water for remarks he made about the recent spate of detergent gas suicides on a radio show with Takasugi Kousei.

My crude translation:

Matsumoto Hitoshi: The news companies are having fun with the recent news. Countdown lists of how many killed themself today.... From now on, there should be no more news on this subject.

The more they bradcast this stuff, more people will start thinking, "maybe I want to kill myself too" and more people will.

In a way, maybe they are taking themselves out at the right time. I couldn't care less if these idiots want to kill themselves.

Takasugi Kousei: That's a good point, Matusmoto.

2chan was instantly flooded with complaints and commentary:

[Idiots!? Who do you think you are?] [This is worse than Koda Kumi's gaffe] [What do you mean perfect timing, Matsumoto is a scumbag]

[I totally agree] [Well, the news keeps saying Hydrogen Sulfide. They're giving people ideas] [He was going on a good rant up until then...]

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If Japan is the 9th in highest suicide rate per capita, who is the 1st?

Sad situation. They were in their prime. I wonder what is going on in this culture to resort to such drastic measures to get out of life. I don't htink I have seen any psychologist come out here and give their assesment of this continuing growing trend.

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Matsumoto Hitoshi - Never backwards in coming forwards. When he and his side kick used to be on TV (a lot more), I sometimes used to wonder if the guy had mental problems, some of his "social commentary" used to be outrageous. It is nice to know that somethings never change.

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