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3 men killed after car slams into traffic light pole in Hokkaido


Three men were killed after the car they were in slammed into a traffic light pole in Muroran, Hokkaido, on Saturday morning.

According to police, the accident occurred at an intersection on National Route 36 at around 2:10 a.m. Fuji TV reported that the driver and a passenger in the back seat were thrown out of the car by the impact when it hit the pole. The third man was found in the front passenger seat.

Two of the men were aged 22 and the third, 21. All three were pronounced dead on arrival at hospital, police said.

Police said the road was slippery after snow had melted. They also said there were signs the car had braked and believed it may have been speeding.

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Seat belts would have saved them.

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"the driver and a passenger in the back seat were THROWN OUT OF THE CAR by the impact"

No seat belts.... means they went out THROUGH the windscreen.

Be warned!!

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1960s driving behaviour.

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As befits a country stuck firmly in the past... :-(

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No seat belts, that's what happens. Completely preventable.

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Unless you're a brainless Japanese...

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Sad news. 3 young people that will not be part of Japan's future.

None of us know the facts, but one can guess that seatbelt may not have been used by the occupants that were thrown clear. Hard to be thrown clear if you are wearing a seatbelt. As for the 3rd occupant, it is less clear.

Also, driving at 2 a.m. on winter roads is always dangerous. And give that this was the early hours of January 2nd, meaning after a full New Year's Day, one wonders what these individuals had been doing in the hours before and whether there was any alcohol involved.

Regardless, a sad day for their families. At what should be a very happy time of year.

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Sad, but no different from any other life's lost.

You don't want to know many life's were lost in the last 24 Hours and our pulsation barely top 9mill countrywide.

So I don't think Tokyo alone all that, my capital has a population closer to my shi.

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