3 men killed in Kyoto car accident


Three men were killed late Thursday night when the car they were riding in crashed on a highway in Fukuchiyama, Kyoto Prefecture.

According to police, the car, driven by Takumu Hosomi, 21, hit a left embankment on National Route 176 and then flipped over at about 11:20 p.m. A passing motorist called police to report the accident.

Fuji TV reported that three male passengers suffered extensive injuries and were pronounced dead at hospital a short time later. They were identified as Satoshi Noguchi, 21, Kazuki Hara, 21, and Shumei Oda, 21. Hosomi was in a state of shock, police said.

Hosomi was quoted by police Friday as saying that he didn't remember the accident, Fuji reported.

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Assuming there was no alcohol, speeding, or texting at the wheel (etc) involved, I feel extremely sorry for the driver of this car.

To be the one responsible, and escape uninjured while your 3 friends die, and have to live with that every day of your life, must be incredibly hard.

RIP to the 3 young men who died.

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Way way too young to die. RIP!

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Assuming there was no alcohol, speeding, or texting at the wheel (etc) involved, I feel extremely sorry for the driver of this car.

True, but you'd think there must have been something odd going on. You don't just veer into an embankment for no reason.

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Too young to die. Like with kimuzukashii and oikawa it's pretty easy to assume alcohol was involved; the time of night, the age, the end of year/graduation parties all going on, etc. My first assumption was that as well, but we don't know. Anyway, sad news.

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That's why you wear seatbelts. The driver probably did, but not the passengers. As is what all my friends do here!

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This is going to haunt the driver for the rest of his life

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yes I agree with Hellsvien SEATBELTS ARE NECESSARY! so many of my friends get into cars and not buckle their seatbelts and only the driver does! They honestly think they are safe because they are in the back seat! and some of my friends allow their children as young as 2 wander around the car without a seatbelt! these men could have come out alive if it were for seat belts....R.I.P to them and hopefully a quick recovery for the driver I sure hope there was nothing bad going in this car to cause such an accident.

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I don't understand how this makes the news. Statistically about 10 people die EVERY day in a car wreck in Japan

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Hellsvien, exactly what I was thinking. Many people die in car accidents because of that one simple thing... lack of making sure one is wearing their seatbelt.

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The car flipped over and everyone concerned about seat belts? Who said that they didn't wear any?

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From what the driver has said we should wait for a medical report. He might have a medical problem. A tragedy.

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So the car flips over but only the driver?? Wearing a seatbelt?? The rest died?? So seatbelts save lives?? My guess is that these other dudes would be alive now too, but now they are dead, very, very dead!! So RIP?!

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