3-meter pet python found after 2-week search in Yokohama


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Of course, the snake did everything it could to escape from that tiny wooden box it was being held in. Wild creatures shouldn't be kept in cages or boxes for the pleasure of humans.

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What a relief! The owner should be fined a jail term. His apology is not good enough.!

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3.5M!!! What's the circumference on a snake that large? 0.5m?

Just read about a 14m python in Indonesia. It was eating dogs and took 65 men and the blessing of a tribal leader to snare it. 85cm circumference.

Doing a little math - assuming the proportions are similar ... gives 21.25cm circumference - a little over 8 in.

That works out to 5.2cm diameter. Wouldn't think kids over 8 yrs old would need to worry much. As a lad, we played with wild snakes in the swamps all the time. Nothing this large. We were more worried about alligators than snakes. A 3.5m alligator is something to fear. Trust me.

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The less snakes I see or read about, the happier I am.

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What a relief ! And happy for the poor snake.

Name and shame the muppet and a custodial sentence also .

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"The owner should have had a stronger sense of responsibility," said a 35-year-old woman who lives nearby.

What she is trying to say is she doesn't like snakes and he shouldn't have one as a pet.

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A snake, a rat, a hamster.........filthy creatures that shouldn't be in the house.

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A dog is more dangerous than a python. Did people think it would eat their children or something?

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My pet Hyena is so funny, always salivating when children are around. Has the best laugh when meeting dogs. It’s such a comfort to come home to my 1LDK flat and see the fun he has had. Sure buying a whole cow every month is costly, rather pay an arm or a leg then let him go hungry. Just don’t understand people’s resistance to exotic pets....they are not dangerous after all. In a zoo.! Get discovery channel if you are that interested in one.

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Snakes shouldn’t be allowed as pets, most people do not know how to handle them and end up doing them harm.

The Florida Everglades and the destruction of the wildlife there by pythons is proof of the harm ill equipped pet owners can cause.

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The less snakes I see or read about, the happier I am.

If you've ever handled snakes, you would appreciate the mysterious beauty and fascinating appeal of these wondrous creatures.

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FOR SALE: 3.5 metre reticulated python. Eats anything. Especially fond of children.

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"The owner said the snake will be no longer his and will be managed by the Yokohama city authorities."

Does...does this mean it's being sent to hokenj- I mean, a nice farm where it can slither and play with all the other snakes in the butterscotch fountain?

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A dog is more dangerous than a python. Did people think it would eat their children or something?

No, they thought it would suffocate their children, which pythons have been known to do.

And I have trouble believing that the average toy poodle size dog which most people in Japan keep is more dangerous than a snake as long as a car.

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The government should not be giving people permission to own dangerous pets such pythons and aggressive dogs in residential areas where children live.

If you wanna have such pets, live in the country where you're well away from other homes.

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Snakes,especially dangerous poisonous and constrictor snakes shouldnt be kept as pets by amateurs as most dont know how to handle them.

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It is a beautiful looking creature. I hope the two men pulling it off the beam did it no harm. I also hope that it will find a good home for the remainder of its life. (Neither mentioned in the article.)

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I used to have a 1.5 meter iguana who had total free range of my apartment at night when he stayed in his 2msq hot house.

one day I heard My downstairs neighbors screaming and ran to help.

my iguana had gotten into the water cupboard and climbed down into the neighbors bathroom.

He became famous in my apartment block, and after the many kids would knock on my door and ask to touch him.

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I heard this was that guy's 2nd biggest snake. I wonder long big bertha is?

Who here will go to their local snake cafe to celebrate the finding of this snake? Rock Star Cafe in Osaka has cockroaches and worm salad on the menu for human consumption of course.

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Why on earth are people able to keep snakes, I'll never understand, especially pythons.

The owner said the snake will be no longer his and will be managed by the Yokohama city authorities.

I should hope so. He may have gotten permission to keep one, but he should be fined for negligence.

was found coiled up in the room's attic

So time and money was wasted because the snake was still in the room all this time!?

A few weeks back, I was cycling when I nearly ran over this 1m long greenish-yellow snake. How on earth it got there, I'll never know. This is not a rural area. In fact it was right next to a shopping mall. I managed to swerve and it flew up in the air and hid in the bushes. I guess it was just as shocked as I was. I wonder whether it was another abandoned "pet." I was thinking of telling a security guard, but I was in a rush to get somewhere. Plus, I didn't to risk that snake getting shot, like how the Japanese first instinct is to shoot dead a bear on sight.

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Smarter than most of the people searching for it.

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Local cats, dogs and frogs breathe collective sighs of relief...

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Glad the snake was not harmed. The owner though should be chaged with neglicence, and made to pay the police costs. Pythons are generally speaking quite peaceful and passive - unless they're very hungry - that is. A snake this size can definitely snack on a 2-4 years old child, nevermind small dogs or cats. It will not attack anything it can't swallow, so adults were quite safe.

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Corn snakes are harmless. Most snakes just sleep and wake up once every week or two to eat. They have personality and show appreciation for giving them food. The larger snakes should not be kept as pets.

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Seriously, nobody thought, “Hey, let’s have a peak in the attic” for a reptile that is not known for having a wide range and likes solitary enclosed environments?

I feel like a 1 min discussion with a zoo could have solved this problem. “it’s either in the attic or under the house.” SMH......

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Pythons are magnificent creatures. I had the pleasure of seeing one in the wild.

That’s where they should stay.

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@gogogo, "A dog is more dangerous than a python" i beg to differ with you on this case, have you ever pick a large snake up? I use to be a stage manager, and one day the co had hired an performing act to come into the venue, I had the pleasure ( not for some) the chance to try and pick up a 2 meter python, jees it was heavy its solid muscle, they told me under no circumstance let it wrap its coil ( body) around you, but the dam thing did coil and wrap its self around the staging platforms and it took 3 of use to uncoil it, and they said hes only playing! and this snake that went missing is far bigger! as for a dog being more dangerous you would probably stand a better chance of less injuries from a dog, you can fight them off, but not a big snake, it will crush you 100% for sure. they tighten up when the prey breaths out and the prey cant expand its lungs to breath. a small 2 m snake will easily make light work of a very srtong man.

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A woman in Indonesia had kept a huge snake as pet in her house. After some weeks, that pet started to fond with her esp while she was sleeping. One day she started to notice her snake's suspicious behaviour.

So she went to veterinary to talk about her pet. Then veterinarian quickly told her to stay away from her pet and get the authority to remove as quickly aa possible.

What he told her was, 'That snake was actually trying to know whether 'her pet' can able to swallow her or not, which was the reason why that snake was fonding with her'.

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He became famous in my apartment block

I am surprised they let you stay on in the apartment block.

After some weeks, that pet started to fond with her esp while she was sleeping.

Hilarious, how does a python fondle???

Pythons don’t spend days calculating the body size of potential victims!!!

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